Chris Motionless Would Love To Collab With Ghostmane

I am writing this article to speak this into existence. In an interview on “THE MEET AND GREET WITH BEEZ!” show on the dwpresents Twitch channel, Chris Motionless revealed that he would love to collaborate with Ghostmane. The Motionless In White frontman initial claims that it would be “a weird one”, but this isn’t quite as odd of a collaboration as one would think. Ghostmane has progressively experimented with a more industrial or nu-metal sound since his last record “ANTI-ICON”. Featuring fast-paced rapping, low voice soft-spoken versing, and high screams, “ANTI-ICON” is a dark and brooding record that perfectly matches Motionless In White’s aesthetic. Check out “ANTI-ICON” below and hear it for yourself.

Motionless In White X Ghostmane X Spiritbox

While it would be really cool to hear Chris Motionless on a Ghostmane track or Ghostmane on a Motionless In White track, a tour is a perfectly fine collaboration too. When asked who he would like to tour with, the Motionless In White frontman stated that “everybody is into Spiritbox right now”, and selected the promising up-and-coming band to open for the imaginary Ghostmane tour. I am a huge fan of Motionless In White’s tracks with features. I believe they are one of the bands that utilize them best. With that said, I would love to hear a track with Ghostmane or Courtney LaPlante (or both!) in the near future.

Shoutout To “The Meet And Greet With Beez”

Additionally, I highly recommend following dwpresents on Twitch. This fantastic interview with Chris Motionless was part of a brand new – literally, this is the first episode ever – show, “THE MEET AND GREET WITH BEEZ!“. Please go show them your support if you loved what was discussed within this article. Chris Motionless joins the show at 15:29 for those interested in watching the segment for yourself.

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