Zebrahead Is Alive! The Third Chapter Is Energetic And Promising

The next chapter of Zebrahead is here. After losing previous co-vocalist Matty Lewis, new talent is breathing life into the band. Adrian Estrella of Assuming We Survive is now an official member of Zebrahead. The band is dubbing this era “Chapter III“, and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

As someone who has raged and moshed with Assuming We Survive at many California Warped Tour dates, I was eagerly anticipating the first song featuring the energetic vocalist. Adrian joining the band is a win-win to me. The easycore vocalist has always been underrated and deserves a big shot like this, and Zebrahead needed a new vocalist that can bring an energy that complements the hyper Ali Tabatabaee. Let’s jump on in and break down what makes chapter III so exciting.

Who is Adrian Estrella?

As previously mentioned, Adrian Estrella is the vocalist of California’s favorite easycore band, Assuming We Survive. Who are Assuming We Survive you may ask? That is exactly the question. The band has been incredibly underrated for a long time. I remember grabbing two of their CDs immediately after hearing them for the first time at Warped Tour 2016. I know I am not the only one who did this either. The band is heavily beloved by anyone who have heard them or met them; unfortunately they just haven’t broken out of their scene yet. This reminds me of Zebrahead themselves. An underrated band that is loved by their fans immensely. Perhaps Adrian will fit right in with this iconic band.

Lay Me To Rest

Lay Me To Rest – Zebrahead

Lay Me To Rest is a great way to start chapter III in a new yet comforting way. The track and music video directly tackle the feelings that follow losing a band member. Does the band lay themselves to rest, or do they bounce back? The later is obvious here, as the track immediately starts off by debuting Adrian’s pipes. The newest co-vocalist puts on a much more melodic performance than Zebrahead fans are used to, but man do they sound great. The energy is all still there too. This is a true evolution of sound.

The New + The Old = Gold

The fresh blood involved makes the track sound so new, yet the iconic and recognizable vocals of Ali reassures the listener that the Zebrahead they have always loved is still here. I love this track more each time I listen to it. The additional screams displayed throughout the track add to the energy – they never over do it, but it is just enough to add to the song itself – I wonder if we will even hear some heavier material during chapter III?

Questions like this make me excited for the band’s future. Who knew I would be speculating about a band that has been around since I was a kid? I applaud Zebrahead for evolving when faced with adversity.

Zebrahead Help Kick Off The Punk Rock Summer

Between Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Zebrahead, and nightlife, 2021 is looking to have plenty of summer jams to fuel your sunny adventures. The band will definitely be featured in my upcoming Punk Rock Summer Playlist by Metal Shell. Stay tuned!

What do you think of “chapter III” of Zebrahead? Did you enjoy Lay Me To Rest? Let us know in the comments.