Skyler Acord And Jenna McDougall Collab In Stunning ‘White Lace’

Coming off the recent announcement of farewell shows for his iconic band “Issues”, Skyler Acord is here with a brand new track “White Lace“. The new track follows Skyler’s fantastic debut EP, “True Viridian”.

This time Skyler has recruited Jenna McDougall to lend her vocals to the track, marking the first feature in a Skyler Acord solo song. White Lace is the first single in the new era potentially titled “True Vanity“. If this is a taste of what is to come, we are truly in for a treat.
Things have been busy in the world of Skyler Acord, but this is great news for myself and other eager fans. Let’s jump on in and discuss the latest release from our favorite new solo act.

White Lace – Skyler Acord (Feat. Jenna McDougall)

White Lace” is possibly the most passionate song by Skyler Acord to date. The track keeps all the funky goodness you’d expect from the bassist of Issues and writer/performer of “made of”, but with the gothic (yet also romantic) flare found in other tracks such as the dramatic “Not Worth Saving” from “True Viridian”. 

Skyler’s vocals sound better than ever in White Lace, seemingly setting the bar higher with every release. Fans of dreamy 80’s tunes are going to love this one.

The lovely vocals of Jenna McDougall add a dynamic to the track that fits so well, that it feels like it was made for her (because it was!). Skyler previously revealed that he had Jenna in mind for the track all the way back when he first wrote it years ago.
The track finishes up with an infectious rhythm section that is sure to get you moving and grooving. This is exactly the type of track I needed to hear from Skyler, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Consider me sold on goth n b if I wasn’t already (I was).

More From Skyler Acord

Were you sold on “White Lace” and are looking for more jams from Skyler Acord? I highly recommend checking out his previous songs “made of” and “knew it all along” from his previous EP “True Viridian”.

Be sure to check out the rest of the “True Viridian” EP as well if you like what you’re hearing so far.

Additionally, as a huge fan of Skyler’s previous band, Issues, I also recommend checking out “Here’s To You” and “Find Forever“. Skyler lends his vocals on these two tracks and does an amazing job.

Closing Thoughts

White Lace” is another fantastic song by Skyler Acord that really sets the bar higher for his already promising solo career. What did you think about the track?

While I will always miss Issues as a band, I am thankful that Skyler is still making an impact in the music scene and releasing music he is passionate about and enjoys.

Are you enjoying Skyler’s solo music so far? Are you excited for “True Vanity“? Let me know down in the comments. Have a great day!