Eskimo Callboy Tease New Track ‘We Got The Moves’ And We Are Hypa!

Looks like Eskimo Callboy are preparing to make 2021 an absolute blast. Only a year after the release of their last EP “MMXX” featuring their big hit “Hypa Hypa”, the German band are already back with new music. Adding to their hustle, they released an additional version of the last EP just this last May, featuring seven hilarious remixes of “Hypa Hypa”. I honestly never would have expected original new tracks this soon, but I am ecstatic to know it is coming.

“Hypa Hypa” is a huge, fun, and wildly obnoxious track that honestly made 2020 for me. This chaotic energy was very welcome during this trying time. I have always said that I hoped the band would “double-down” on this style, and judging by the single art, that is exactly what they are doing. The band posted a hilarious image to Instagram that suggests the track will be called “We Got The Moves”. The title is incredibly promising and accurate. We all know Eskimo Callboy has got the moves! You can check out the art for yourself above.

FFO: We Butter The Bread With Butter, Attack Attack!, The Bunny The Bear, To The Rats And Wolves

Eskimo Callboy is:

Kevin Ratajczak – unclean vocals, keyboards, programming

Nico Sallach – clean and unclean vocals

Daniel “Danskimo” Hanib – lead guitar

Pascal Schillo – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

David-Karl Friedrich – drums

Daniel Klossek – bass, backing vocals

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The Wildest Band In Metalcore Is Back Again So Soon

Eskimo Callboy Hypa Hypa

Eskimo Callboy absolutely dominated 2020. They released one of the biggest songs of the year seemingly out of nowhere. Following the departure of their previous clean vocalist, the band recruited Nico (formerly of To The Rats And Wolves) into their ranks. I was very excited for their future material just after watching their exciting video introducing Nico into the band. Snippets of the “Hypa Hypa” and “Hate/Love” music videos were in the video, and it looked and sounded like a blast! Fortunately the band proved me right and released a couple of my favorite songs of the year. Will lightening strike twice for the band? I am willing to bet so.

Hypa Hypa Was Just The Beginning

Hypa Hypa – Eskimo Callboy

I like to think – and I keep my fingers crossed in hoping – that Eskimo Callboy are just getting started. The fan reaction to “Hypa Hypa” was huge! The song became their biggest song to date very quickly, racking in a wildly impressive 24 million streams on Spotify in only a little over a year. If the band can capture this sound and style and run with it, we are looking at a majorly successful record on the band’s horizon. My only wish is that the band just stay true to themselves, have fun, and go with their instincts. I can’t think of a band with a more fun spirit and personality, and I have full faith that their upcoming material will make majors waves if they just go with it.

A Different, But Hilarious New Look

Just as Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst gets with the comical 80’s “Dad Vibes“, Eskimo Callboy switch it up. Putting away their 80’s wigs and porn staches and trading them in for a tight cut that puts Bucky Larson to shame, Eskimo Callboy look ready to release another whacky music video. Oh and there is a horse in the picture too. I can already envision how hilarious the music video for “We Got The Moves” will be. I am confident that the song, lyrics, and energy will match perfectly.

Need More Eskimo Callboy In Your Life?

Need more Eskimo Callboy in your life while you wait for “We Got The Moves”? I recommend you revisit their previous EP “MMXX” (especially the Hypa Hypa edition). Get that last overdosing fill of “Hypa Hypa” before a new track is in town. You can check out the EP and my thoughts on it below.

Additionally, I will be reacting to “We Got The Moves” during it’s premiere on my Youtube channel. Please subscribe and tune-in if you want to see my initial reaction to the track.

Looking for a one-stop playlist for all the hottest recent metal hits? Check out our Official Modern Metal Spotify Playlist down below. “Hypa Hypa” has a consistent spot on the playlist, and I am confident that “We Got The Moves” will make the cut as well!

Are you excited for the new Eskimo Callboy song “We Got The Moves”? The track is rumored to release September 3rd, 2021. Share your thoughts down in the comments.