We Came As Romans Grow Into A Defiant New Band With Darkbloom

We Came As Romans have been through it all. From working to regain their place as metalcore heavyweights after their 2015 self-titled rock record, to the tragic loss of bestfriend/frontman Kyle Pavone, it seemed like the band couldn’t catch a break. The Detroit band used music as an outlet following Pavone’s death, releasing two emotional tracks, Carry The Weight and From The First Note, in tribute to the beloved singer. Now We Came As Romans are ready to move passed grief, and triumphantly show exactly how defiant they are. Coming back from such tragedy is difficult for anyone, but when your whole career is hanging in the balance, it truly is “die or grow”. The Hope performing band are here to prove they will grow through their sorrows.

We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans Sound Confident And Powerful

What do you get when a band has something to prove? The answer is Darkbloom. The song just screams lead single, and in the best way possible. I don’t believe the band has ever come in swinging this confidently (not even with their huge comeback track from 2017, Cold Like War). If We Came As Romans was a movie, Darkbloom is the soundtrack for the trailer. Seriously, this track somehow feels incredibly accessible, while absolutely crushing at the same time. Vocalist David Stephens shows off some of his deepest growls to date, while alternatively delivering the best chorus of his career. I appreciated the growled line “die or grow” for this exact reason. The band is evolving further than ever before despite their many obstacles.


There couldn’t have been a better message to get across for such an important track. We Came As Romans are here to prove that they are blooming into the best version of the band to date. It is unfortunate that this comes after the loss of previous vocalist, Kyle Pavone, but perhaps that is exactly the reason this track exists. The band aimed to make Kyle proud and they damn well did.

The Darkbloom Music Video

Darkbloom – We Came As Romans

The Music video for Darkbloom captures the atmosphere and feel of the track. I envisioned a similar video in my head after the tracks debut (this was before the premier of the video). The band perfectly captures the tone of the song by utilizing blue and dark hues that fit the bleak, yet hopeful, message behind the track. The sun is hidden, but We Came As Romans are shining. I am sure that this confident version of the band have a banger of an album waiting to release. In a tweet shown below, the Sharptone Records band even promises the next single is even bigger and better. They have my attention, and I am willing to believe them on this one.

Rest In peace Kyle Pavone. We miss you.

What do you think of Darkbloom? Are you excited for the yet-to-be-titled new We Came As Roman’s record? Let us know in the comments.

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