Tallah: ‘Vanilla Paste’ Is The Bohemian Rhapsody Of Nu-Metal

Tallah just unleashed the Bohemian Rhapsody of Nu-metal. No joke! The strangely named “Vanilla Paste is a dynamic track that has it all. The track is a six and a half minute theatrical nucore banger that never lets up. I never knew I wanted a nu-metal broadway play – okay maybe I did – but now I really want one. Can Tallah headline the nucore on broadway tour please? The theatrical elements of the track blends perfectly with the Disney villain attitude of the heavier portions of the track. “Vanilla Paste” shows Tallah at their most defined.

If you aren’t familiar with Tallah, you should change that. The band is relatively new, forming in 2018 and releasing their debut album “Matriphagy” in October of 2020. You read that right, the band only just released a full-length concept album 10 months ago, yet here we are with another crushing single. The band started work on “Vanilla Paste” back in April of this year. It seems that the band is just as energetic in their work ethic as they are in their music. Check out the song below, and dive on into the article for my thoughts and opinions on the theatrical new track Tallah track, “Vanilla Paste”.

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Tallah is:

Justin Bonitz – vocals

Derrick Schneider – lead guitar

Andrew Cooper – bass

Max Portnoy – drums

Alex Snowden – Rhythm guitar

Mewzen – turntables, samples, keyboards

Their Socials:





Vanilla Paste: The Bohemian Rhapsody Of Nu-Metal

Tallah Band

Tallah took everything that made their debut album “Matriphagy” great, and set it to 1000. The song contains a theatrical chorus like the one in “Red Light”, the rap style screamed verses of “Overconfidence”, and the low growled, low tuned breakdown of “We, The Sad”. It is like the band captured everything that makes them special in a bottle, shook it up, left it out in a storm, let lightening strike twice, and then unleashed it into the world. A theatrical beatdown of a track. Fans have (jokingly?) compared the song to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and I am totally on-board. “Vanilla Paste” is incredibly dynamic and has a lot to offer. The best part is, the track is still full of many surprises.

Guest Vocalists Are A First For Tallah

When Justin Bonitz is the vocalist of your band, you don’t need anyone else. Right? Wrong! Well, kind of wrong. Surely the band doesn’t “need” anyone else, but they will take it! I am often on record speaking about how the metal scene is incredibly lacking in exciting features. There are plenty of occasional (but often uneventful) guest appearances in metal, but rarely is it the big deal it is in other genres. I find this exceptionally interesting because metal is founded in ideologies that should embrace fun and creative collaborations. Heck, it is extra surprising because so many bands routinely tour together and can share a fanbase, yet still the collaborations never come.

Tallah Vanilla Paste

Anyways, enough of the mini-rant, I am just so excited to see Tallah not only utilize three guest vocalists, but they do it in a surprising and interesting manner. I was shocked to see that the track had features on it. There was no previous indication that this would be the case, and this allowed it to remain a true surprise. The track features Garrett Hood of Guerrilla Warfare, AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods, and Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin and Darko. Typically this would be a bit overkill, but fortunately the track is a whopping six and a half minutes long, so there is still plenty of Justin to go around.

Everyone Has A Part To Play

Each guest vocalist gets a significant portion of the song to go-off on. Garrett raps after the first chorus, AJ gets to scream and sing after the second chorus, and Tom ends the track with yet another crushing breakdown. I love how even if you remove the guest vocalists, the track still has two verse, three rounds of the chorus, and a breakdown completely fulfilled by Justin. Can six and a half minute tracks become the new norm? The best part is that the track is so dynamic it flies by quick. I can’t wait to hear how Tallah tops this one.

Tallah’s Disturbingly On-Brand ‘Vanilla Paste’ Music Video

Vanilla Paste – Tallah

The music video for “Vanilla Paste” is exactly what you would expect from Tallah – in fact the music video is exactly what you would expect from a track called “Vanilla Paste” – The band sit inside a dim cabin smearing what I can only assume is vanilla paste all over themselves. The band all put on their best disturbed and brain-fried faces and mindlessly gorge themselves. I haven’t digested the lyrical content yet, but I am sure their is an interesting story here.

Alex Snowden

The video is very on-brand and still contains the creepy vibes the band is known for. The found-footage type footage is still here, but it is a bit more subtle this time around. The music video features clear shots of the band, especially frontman Justin Bonitz, who occassionally is filmed in a lit sci-fi looking room. However, this clear footage is often interrupted with disturbing imagery of flies, maggots, and well… vanilla paste of course. I am a huge fan of Tallah’s music videos and this one is no different. I was captivated start to finish. You know a band is something special when both their sound, style, and actions have you hooked.


Metal Shell Reacts To Tallah | Vanilla Paste

Want to see what I thought about the track in real-time? I recorded my first ever reaction video, and I think I picked the perfect track. Check out the video below to see how “Vanilla Paste” blew my mind!

Metal Shell Reacts to Tallah | Vanilla Paste

Need More Tallah In Your Life?

Was “Vanilla Paste” not enough? Do you need more Tallah? I highly recommend subscribing to their Patreon. The band has plenty of behind-the-scenes content including previews of future material, playthroughs, an active Discord community, and a Patreon exclusive EP based around Disney’s Aladdin appropriate titled “Talladdin”. If you want a taste of the “Talladdin” EP, check out their cover of “Friend Like Me” available to anyone. You can find the video below.

For those who have an hour to kill, I highly suggest you check out the band’s hate5six liveset. If you aren’t sold on the band yet, you will be after this.

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What did you think of the theatrical new Tallah track Vanilla Paste? Let us know in the comments.