As Time Fades Prove There Is Room For New Independent Bands In The Pop Punk Scene

For a genre with “punk” in the name, the pop punk scene has become increasingly full of over produced and ingenuine bands. This sounds harsh, but I am not entirely dissing the genre or the scene. I simply just think that the attitude of the genre should fall more within a spectrum between punk and pop. Most bands these days either sound like the pop punk of the 90’s and 00’s such as Blink-182 and Newfound Glory, or the successful acts of the 10’s such as The Story So Far and Neck Deep. Fortunately for anyone who shares this opinion with me, As Time Fades exists.

The independent pop punk band are taking on the pop punk sound with a strong – and completely unignorable – DIY attitude. Seriously, after reading this article, I promise you will notice them around if you haven’t already. The band have captured the youthful sound of feel-good pop punk but are putting in the work of an energetic and industry defying punk band. Here is everything you need to know about the exciting new pop punk band, As Time Fades.

Listen to: Invisible, Marionette, Hollow, Headway

FFO: State Champs, Neck Deep, Stand Atlantic, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

As Time Fades is:

Dan Dunlap – vocals/guitar

Danny Kekedy – guitar/vocals

Schuyler Spivey – bass

Toby Caulk – drums

Their Socials:





As Time Fades

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, As Time Fades are not your average pop punk band. Fans of the pop punk genre will be glad to know that vocally the band nail the style and sound the genre is known for. What separates As Time Fades from their contemporaries is their instrumentation. The band has a punchy sound that hits hard and borderlines easycore boundaries. As Time Fades nails everything I admire in a pop punk band. The music is fun and the band is clearly having fun with it.

As Time Fades

Additionally, the band utilizes two alternating vocalists which keeps the songs sounding fresh. Both vocalists Dan Dunlap and Danny Kekedy sound fit for the genre, but each are definitely inspired by different vocalists in the scene. Dan has some more edge to his voice and has some The Story So Far influence behind his voice, while Danny’s vocals remind me more of the veterans from the genre such as New Found Glory. While the influences are there, the band sounds completely separate from these bands. I like this dual vocalist approach. It gives a “live band” like sound to the music. I can totally imagine seeing As Time Fades live at a rowdy and intimate pop punk show. This is fitting since the band is all about the DIY life.

While I typically enjoy the metal side of the scene spectrum, bands like As Time Fades and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have me hooked on pop punk this summer. The band just released their sophomore EP Trust Fall, and I encourage you to cross your arms, close your eyes, and trust fall right into their music.

Trust Fall (EP)

The Trust Fall EP contains all of the catchy sing-along goodness that the pop punk genre is known for, with tons of surprises one could only get from an independent DIY band. I found myself learning the choruses from songs such as Marionette and Invisible on my first listen. It makes the EP feel interactive and fun. I am really impressed by how catchy these choruses are. I would assume this is a mainstream pop punk release.

As for the surprises, I love when right when I think I know what to expect from Trust Fall, the script is flipped on me. I mentioned earlier that the band’s instrumentation is punchy and heavier than what is expected from the genre. The intro to Headway is loud and pretty heavy surprisingly, but if you aren’t grasping this concept, you will by the end of Invisible. The band surprised me with a straight-up easycore breakdown towards the end of the track; they even through in a “blegh” for good measure.

I can’t remember the last time a pop punk band delivered the whole package like this. A catchy, youthful, and heavy take on the genre. I mentioned earlier that the band has a strong work-ethic, and I am confident this is not the last I will hear of the band. Combining this work-ethic with a genuinely addictive sound is sure to lead to success for the band. Whether this success is commercial or just as a respectable and humble DIY band, the sky is the limit for As Time Fades.

Punk Rock Summer Playlist

Do you love playing classic and modern punk rock hits on your summer drives? Check out our Punk Rock Summer Playlist. If you enjoyed As Time Fades and their EP Trust Fall, you’ll be glad to know I have included them on the playlist. So put on your khaki shorts, grab the keys to the car, and enjoy some punk rock bangers from Sum 41, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Zebrahead, and of course, As Time Fades. The playlist can be found below.

What do you think of As Time Fades? Let us know in the comments, and if you enjoyed their music, don’t forget to check out their social media accounts at the top of the article. Support independent bands!