Sleep Token This Place Will Become Your Tomb Review: Track-By-Track Breakdown

Our prayers have been answered. The sophomore effort by Sleep Token is finally here. Following the success of the band’s previous record “Sundowning” and the hype surrounding singles “Alkaline” and “The Love You Want”, it started to seem like it would be difficult for the band to live up to these high expectations. I previously speculated that the band would become one of the biggest band’s of this generation. This bold claim can only come true if the latest album lives up to the hype. So does it indeed live up to these incredibly high expectations? I will be breaking down the highly anticipated album track-by-track in this Sleep Token This Place Will Become Your Tomb Review. Listen along by using the Spotify album link below and let’s jump on in!

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Sleep Token is:

“Vessel” – vocals

??? – guitar

??? – bass

An absolute legend – drums

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This Place Will Become Your Tomb Track-By-Track Review


Atlantic – Sleep Token

A fitting introduction track. “Atlantic” starts off with a beautiful piano segment that truly gives off an oceanic sound and feel. Vocalist Vessel joins in with the piano, exercising his iconic deep voice while showing off his best falsetto. Rain samples are layered into the background, making the flood feel real.

The second half of the song changes in atmosphere, as 80’s synths kick in as Vessel croons. This portion is used to transition into a drum pounding – and riff heavy – final rendition of the chorus. The song ends with Vessel repeating “don’t wake me” as the piano joins him again till the end of the track. “Atlantic” is truly a perfect opener for an album of this kind of emotional intensity. When an album starts off this strong, you know you’re in for a fantastic ride.


Hypnosis – Sleep Token

“Hypnosis” starts off with immediate nu-metal influences (particularly Deftones). It sounds like it could have been in a Funimation Dragon Ball Z Movie. The riff sets the tone of the track while the drums just go off. The groovy drum work sets a sexy rhythm for Vessel to lay down his mesmerizing vocals over. In a potential callback to the second track from Sleep Token’s last album “Sundowning”, Vessel calls for someone to “sink their teeth”.

The second chorus adds higher vocals behind Vessel’s deeper vocals. It adds to the atmosphere, and allows the listener to sink into the depths with Vessel. Next is the moment fans of Sleep Token’s heavier sound have been waiting for. Vessel growls “and I am almost under” as the band puts their all into one hell of a progressive breakdown. Sleep Token play with a lot of sounds and influences in “Hypnosis”, and they all work out extremely well.


Mine – Sleep Token

With “Mine”, Sleep Token switch things up (in typical Sleep Token fashion). Vessel sings over a simple and touching synth. In the chorus, Vessel calls out “you will be mine” in a sad and longing manner. After the first chorus, the synth changes from innocent and small to powerful and loud until subsiding for the next verse.

The second verse adds plenty of more sounds into the fray. The song continuously adds more to the mix, leading into a loud and powerful second chorus full of fantastic drum work and romantic synth.

The last portion of the song has Vessel crooning over drum fills. This lasts until a final bridge that switches things up lyrically and in sound. The track ends with Vessel desperately crying out the lyrics of the chorus in a painful manner. “Mine” is a standout track thanks to the progression of the track and it’s romantic and powerful sound.

Like That

Like That – Sleep Token

Yes Vessel, I do indeed “like that”. “Like That” is another one of the sexier songs on “TPWBYT“. The song features a dark and somber beat layered with matching synths. Vessel sings in a slow and deep voice that creates a hauntingly seductive sound. The track reminds me of the aggressive and sexy song “Sugar” off of the band’s previous album.

The chorus has a similar sound to the verses, but with added heavy low-tuned elements and silence whispered growls. There isn’t another song in the world similar to “Like That”. Whether you’re a fan of the track or not, credit is due where it is earned. The final minute of the track brings in some energy as the drums absolutely go off as Vessel continues the whisper screaming from the chorus.

“Like That” is an underrated track from the record, but only time will tell if it ends up getting the credit it deserves. I’m a huge fan of the “sexier” Sleep Token tracks, so this one is a major win for me personally.

The Love You Want

The Love You Want – Sleep Token

Talk about a great single choice. “The Love You Want” is a perfectly accessible track anyone can enjoy. Casual listeners will appreciate the melody, background piano, and jazzy drum work, while metal fans will appreciate the end of the track. More on that soon!

This loving track starts off simple and beautiful. Vessel guides the listener with his impressive voice through an opening with bubbly synths. The first time the chorus plays, it is performed over a similar simple synth sound.

A Perfectly Accessible Single

For the second verse the previously mentioned piano and drum work join Vessel up to the second round of the chorus. The simple track becomes much more complex by time the second chorus comes around. A clap-and-stomp beat joins Vessel as he sings the chorus with more energy than last time. Higher-pitched vocals are also layered behind the more prominent deep vocals that take the spotlight during the chorus.

The progression doesn’t stop there though, the third chorus is the star of the track. In a climatic and cinematic delivery, Sleep Token go all out for the third chorus. The cymbals of the guitar are put to work and a choir joins Vessel on delivering even more energy this time around. Yet, somehow this still isn’t the end of the progression.

A fell-fledged deep-tuned breakdown joins in for the end of the chorus. Listen to this song with decent headphones and it is even enough to give you stank face. The nasty breakdown juxtaposed with the beautiful chorus of “The Love You Want” is well done and progressive as all hell. Sleep Token truly pushes the boundaries of what we know as metal music with this track.

Fall For Me

Fall For Me – Sleep Token

This strange single choice consists of just Vessel’s vocals done with a vocoder. The song is vulnerable, brave, touching, and unique. Huge props to Sleep Token for experimenting in such a way. The track has grown on me more since it’s release. I consider it more of a interlude, and it works incredibly well as one too. Bridging the two lead singles from the record, and separating the album in half, “Fall For Me” does it’s job and does it well. The song doesn’t have much diversity within the performance, but it doesn’t need any. The short-and-sweet track is best exactly how it is, and I’ve come to appreciate it immensely.


Alkaline – Sleep Token

Where do I even begin with “Alkaline”? This track is still my song of the year contender. The song just screams lead single. It is no wonder why it has secured the top of many progressive metal playlists on Spotify. Vessel delivers a romantic and powerful vocal performance – as always though right? – from start to finish.

The song starts with a, now iconic, synth that peaks the listeners curiosity. Vessel joins in with clear vocals and delivers a strong performance with intriguing lyrics. This is Sleep Token at their best. The verse transitions into a modest and somber version of the explosive chorus that is still yet to be performed.

Sleep Token’s Magnum Opus

“Oh let’s talk about chemistry” Vessel croons before a groovy and chugging riff kicks in. This verse is backed by an addictive and icy synth that perfectly matches the words Vessel spits out. Vessel admiringly sings “she’s an undiscovered element… but either way I’m into it” before fully belting out into one of Sleep Token’s best choruses ever.

The previously somber chorus returns full of power and energy. This is truly a romantic progressive metal anthem. Vessel belts out “I’m caught up in her design, and how it connects to mine” and the listener can peer into the emotions of the anonymous singer. The way an unmasked vocalist can become so vulnerable and connect with fans is astonishing. This truly shows the power and effectiveness of the lyrics.

Just when you think the song couldn’t get any bigger, the song mellows into a near silence. This silence doesn’t last long, as Vessel lets out a whispery sigh as one of the best breakdowns of the year slams down hard. The groovy progressive riff hits like a truck and the drum work here is as fantastic as ever. The icy synth is laid out in the background and Vessel continuously blesses the breakdown with his high singing voice. “Alkaline” is a huge single and will surely be one of the bands biggest tracks for years to come. There are plenty of deserving tracks fitting of this title, but “Alkaline” may just be Sleep Token’s magnum opus.


Distraction – Sleep Token

Sleep Token take an opportunity to slow things down again with “Distraction”. Fans of their previous album “Sundowning” are sure to appreciate the track. Similar to beautiful and slow tracks like “Drag Me Under” and “Take Aim”, the current track is led by an ambience of sounds that make for a modest and touching track. Vessel flexes both his low and deep voice throughout the track.

The chorus is emotional and huge, and I can easily see it being played at a ball. The slow-dance worthy track is more than you could ever expect from a “metal” band. Sleep Token fans prefer not to label the band, and I tend to agree despite being guilty of it myself. The band are at their best when they just create.

The song isn’t only slow and dramatic though, as during the last moments more of impressive drum work kicks in and helps end the track strong. This isn’t the last of these vibes though, as the slow and somber “Descending” is up next.


Descending – Sleep Token

If “Dark Signs” off of “Sundowning” had a sexier and darker goth sibling, it would be “Descending”. The track is based around a similar raindrop trap beat as found in the previously mentioned track. “Descending” doesn’t over do or simply repeat this sound though.

The current track is much darker and sexier than “Dark Signs”. Vessel shows off a previously unheard vocal style throughout the track. Utilizing a high voice which plenty of mood setting layers, a unique sound is created. The track only grows on me more with each listen. I find something new to admire about the track more and more with each visit.

As I explained earlier, I have a soft spot for the romantic or sexy tracks from the band. “Descending” is no exception, and I find the track absolutely essential within the band’s discography.


Telomeres – Sleep Token

“Telomeres” continues the three song spread of softer floaty tracks that set a real tone and ambiance within the record. “TPWBYT” honestly wouldn’t be a Sleep Token record without such tracks.

The tracks starts off with Vessel delivering his voice in the softest and calmest way he could. His voice is complimented by a soft and gentle piano and a sample of what sounds like light rain or a fire place burning. Whichever it is, this sound helps add to the comforting tone. Despite this comforting sound, the song is more on the sad side. Vessel is once again letting his vulnerable side out, and sharing his soul with the listener. This only adds to the comforting atmosphere of the track.

Now the energy picks up after the chorus but still with a floaty and otherworldly vibe. Similar to the softer tracks from fellow up-and-coming band, Loathe. The riffs and guitar work are heavily Deftones influenced (like Loathe as well). Sleep Token really nail this sound, and it’s awesome to hear another band take a whack at it.

The track is non-linear and the second chorus is performed with an additional powerful pre-chorus. Both are complimented with excellent guitar and drum work. This brings the Deftones vibes home and adds something special to the track. The previously mentioned key change isn’t the only surprise “Telomeres” has within it. The final minutes of the track contain both a fantastic jazzy guitar solo and crushing blast beats. There isn’t a breakdown, but there didn’t need to be one. This is the perfect way to end an outer worldly track like this.

High Water

High Water – Sleep Token

Sleep Token saved the best for one of the last. “High Water” is a true gem within the record. The song has received universal acclaim within the fanbase, and for good reason. Between being an incredibly dynamic track and containing a blatant reference to the standout 2018 single “Jaws”; there is a lot to love about the track. 

The track starts off with Vessel doing his thing while backed up by a familiar synth beat. Following a traditional opening, Vessel shows off a unique flow he has never delivered before. With a ton of emphasis on the end of each line, Vessel delivers an original chorus nothing like what the band has tried out before. The second verse is similar to the first verse but with a little bit more of a punch behind it. This includes some more instrumentals in the background, with the drum work being the most noteworthy.

A Penultimate Track That Truly Delivers

The second chorus continuous this trend, with the delivery being much more high tempo and instrumental than the first rendition. “High Water” progressively builds on this concept and adds more to the track each passing second. The best part about the track is how much this build up pays off. A calm bridge occurs after the three minute mark with the return of the familiar beat. This time the reference is far more obvious. Occasionally a fully identical version of the synth from the band’s 2018 single “Jaws” can be heard. This slowly crawls to what the build up has all been leading up to.

Vessel screams “I can’t hold myself together” while the band performs a heavy onslaught of instrumentation. This is the progressive climax fans have been waiting for, and the album has all led up to this. Sleep Token have mastered their sound and “High Water” is proof of this.

“High Water” has earned its love from the fanbase, and it is bound to remain a Sleep Token staple for years to come. This track is truly a highlight of the album, and a gem amongst the band’s discography. While the track surely feels like the end of an album, especially with the climatic ending, this wouldn’t be a Sleep Token record without a calm and beautiful ending. This is where the acoustic “Missing Limps” finds its place on the record.

Missing Limps

Missing Limps – Sleep Token

Sleep Token have stripped back before and released intimate tracks plenty of times, but never as far as they go with “Missing Limps”. A truly acoustic track with only the calm and beautiful vocals of Vessel backed up by an acoustic guitar. A piano joins in later in the track, but it only adds to the intimate sound. The track reminds me of “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against. The track is just so vulnerable. This sense of vulnerability has occurred throughout the album, and it seems to be completely intentional. Sleep Token may be anonymous, but the emotion their music conveys is open and honest. I like to consider the previous track “High Water” the closing track, and “Missing Limps” more of an epilogue.

“Missing Limps” closes out the “This Place Will Become Your Tomb” chapter by going all in on the vulnerable aspect contained within the album. The track ends rather suddenly and features an ominous VCR recording like noise at the end. Could the story of Sleep and the lore of Sleep Token continue in no time? Only time can tell.

Closing Thoughts

“This Place Will Become Your Tomb” is a perfect follow up to Sleep Token’s beautiful debut album “Sundowning”. Upon first listen, I felt myself missing some of the traits of “Sundowning”. However, upon the next listenings I found myself admiring and understanding “TPWBYT” more and more. The subtle differences between this record and the last one are just great enough to allow each to stand out as their own pieces of work. Neither one replaces the other. Some of my favorite tracks on the record are either the ones that tackle an entirely new avenue for the band (Alkaline, Hypnosis, Telomeres) or the ones that expand upon previous experimentation (Like That, Descending, High Water).

Whether the band take on an entirely new concept or build off a previous one, they deliver it so perfectly. The sky – or ocean – are the limit for Sleep Token, and I am fully invested in their sound and lore. “This Place Will Become Your Time” may just end up being my album of the year. Worship!

Final Verdict: 10/10

This Place Will Become Your Tomb CD and Vinyl

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