The Dead Rabbitts Bring The Screams And Laughs With ‘Cobra Kai’

Metalcore is at its best when it is fun. Craig Mabbitt’s side project ‘The Dead Rabbitts’ recently released a new song that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. The track is inspired by the Netflix series ‘Cobra Kai’, which is based on the original ‘Karate Kid’ films from the 80’s. Since the 2020 pandemic, fun energy within the metal community has never been more appealing. Seeing the band have fun with the track is a delight. Fortunately the fun and comedy behind the track and its respective video are not all that carries the song. The song is on the heavier side and features Mikey Carvajal, the vocalist of nu-metal band Islander.

Cobra Kai Makes Metalcore Fun

Shockingly enough, Cobra Kai is on the heavier side. Throughout the whole first verse Mabbitt shows that his screams are still kicking. Switching between high screams and lower screams the verse contains a healthy amount of diversity. The track even reminds me of a less dark version of Escape the Fate’s ‘Ungrateful’. The chorus is catchy and inspiring sounding. Perfect for a 80’s theme song for a karate-based series. It really is perfect for what the song is going for.

NĂ¼-Metal Returns With Mikey Carvajal’s Verse

The second verse spices up the track a considerable amount. Featuring vocals from Mikey Carvajal of Islander. The tuning gets low and funky, prepared to fit the nu-metal vibes of Carvajal’s rap style vocals. Mabbitt comes back for the second half of the second verse and hits it home with some high screams. Right as you think the chorus is going to roll back around, the track glitches and hits back with low screams chanting “Cobra Kai! Never dies!” complemented with synth layers and guitar chugs. This moment is a blast, and it is awesome to hear Mabbitt deliver this type of vocal style. He previously showed off a similar deep growl during a crushing breakdown at the end of the band’s track ‘R U M I N A T I O N’.

R U M I N A T I O N – The Dead Rabbitts

The track continues in a similar way until the calming bridge begins. It reminds me of the moment where the hero of a film has to get up after being knocked down. It fits the song well despite the previously established mood. The bridge works even better when accompanied with the hilarious music video. After the bridge the catchy chorus comes and brings us home with the chanting of “Cobra Kai, never dies’. The track is just a ton of fun and it is great seeing more alternative bands experiment in fun and exciting ways.

The Hilarious Music Video

Non-like the Netflix series, The Dead Rabbitts did not take a modern approach with their music video. In the hilarious video, the band shows off some impressively cheesy performance arts while standing in front of a fuzzy green screen. The karate moves and gestures would put Mac from ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ to shame. Members of The Dead Rabbitts continuously smile and miss-match their lip syncing to the track and this only adds to the humor of the video. I swear if the song itself didn’t sound so modern, I would think this music video was straight from the 80’s. The band nailed the vibe the song was meant to convey.

Cobra Kai – The Dead Rabbitts

Funny enough, I would believe that Mikey Carvajal of Islander didn’t get the memo. When his part comes on, he screams aggressively and conveys serious facial expressions throughout. Judging by his expressions when he first comes on screen though, it is obvious he is having just as much fun with the video. Perhaps he just got carried away delivering his crushing verse. Regardless, it is an awesome moment within the video. During Mikey’s part Craig Mabbitt frequently cuts in with clips of more silly martial arts inspired hand gestures and movements. The band doesn’t let any seriousness sneak into this video for long.

Closing Thoughts

The track is fun and brings an energy similar to Eskimo Callboy’s hit track ‘Hypa Hypa’. Honestly, we need more bands that have fun with their music. Metalcore has become quite monotonous since 2010. Tons of bands try to recreate what has already been done before, and they even tend to dress and sound the part. Seeing bands allow their personalities to show within their music is great.

In a Youtube comment, a fan expressed this by saying “Love how Craig is showing his personality. Craig, keep it going, I fucking love it. I remember seeing Dead Rabbbitts live in Orlando, I took a shit of fireball with Craig. I have been a fan of all of Craig’s projects. Craig is ready to show his personality even more in his music. Fucking beautiful”. Seems like fans that have met Mabbitt in person can attest to this, and are excited to see the frontman let his personality shine through his music.

What do you think of Cobra Kai? Did you get a laugh out of the music video? Let us know in the comments.