Korn Requiem Album Is Coming February 2022, Are You Ready!?

Korn are on a roll! Only two years after the release of their critically-acclaimed album “The Nothing”, the band are preparing for the release of a follow-up. While the previous record was an outlet for deep feelings of sorrow and dealing with loss, the next record “Requiem” aims to focus on a more positive change for the band. Starting with the experimental lead single “Start The Healing”, the godfathers of nu-metal show a new side of the band that has fans excited for more. Jump into the article for further information on the new Korn albumRequiem” along with the setlist.

Korn Requiem

Korn Requiem Album Art
Korn Requiem Album Art

Korn Requiem Tracklisting:


2. Let The Dark Do The Rest

3. Start The Healing

4. Lost In The Grandeur

5. Disconnect

6. Hopeless And Beaten

7. Penance To Sorrow

8. My Confession

9. Worst Is On Its Way

Korn Requiem Release Date And Details

The new Korn album “Requiem” is slated for release February 4th, 2022. Fans were not expecting an album so soon after the release of “The Nothing”, but I am positive that no one is complaining. Post-quarantine has many bands releasing music in shorter album cycles than they are previously known for. This is likely due to the interrupted tour cycles for any album released around the start of the pandemic and also the artistic urge to produce music to cope with the lockdown.

Using music as a cathartic tool was likely exceptionally necessary for the band at this time, as there have been several personal conflicts within the Korn family the last couple of years. Vocalist Jonathan Davis unfortunately lost his wife and mother while creating the previous record, and bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu is currently taking leave from the band to focus on personal issues. The band hopes that fans will also find emotional comfort amongst their new record “Requiem”.

As for the sound of the record, the band are going a much more experimental route with their music. If the lead single “Start The Healing” is a fitting example of the music from the record, than fans can expect a familiar, yet different album from the band. The iconic sound is still there, but the track showcased a more floaty and melodic sound from the band.

The First Single – Start The Healing

Start The Healing – Korn

The initial single from “Requiem” showcases a less frustrated version of the band. This side of the band is more emotional but in a cathartic sense and not a negative one. If “The Nothing” was the band letting our their demons, then the potential sound from this record is one of growing and healing. This is an appropriate take on the sound, as the lead single suggests this from its title alone. Don’t worry though, while Korn do seem to be taking their music in a more positive direction, their heavy sound seems to be here to stay. The single still featured Jonathan’s iconic soaring croons and deep growls and of course nu-metal riffage. I find this sound to be quite intriguing, and I am excited to hear the band experiment with their sound further. Check out my initial reaction to the track here.

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Are you excited for the new Korn album “Requiem”? I know I am marking February 4th, 2022 down in my calendar. Please share your thoughts on the upcoming record down in the comments.