Eskimo Callboy Release ‘Pump It’, A Soundtrack For The Gym (And Club!)

Eskimo Callboy have been killing it lately. This summer they released their addictive and groovy track “We Got The Moves”, and now the boys are ready to get the juices pumping this winter. “Pump It” is the latest whacky track by the band, and it may even be their wildest song yet. The song is heavy enough to genuinely assist in lifting those heavy weights at the gym, yet is also fun and dancey enough to fit in with tracks like “Hypa Hypa”. Jump into the article for further information on the new Eskimo Callboy track “Pump It”.

Eskimo Callboy Pump It

Pump It – Eskimo Callboy

The music video for “Pump It” is – as usual – absolutely hilarious. The band yet again sport some iconic costumes that fit the theme of the track. The song isn’t all fun and games though, as it is a genuinely heavy track suitable for any workout. The energetic track is self-aware, on-point, and matches the tone of the band’s previous hits. The track could even surpass “We Got The Moves”. No formal announcement has been made regarding a full album, but the band did mention that they would be releasing an album in 2022. This new Eskimo Callboy album will contain both of the previous 2021 singles, and hopefully many more bangers that hold up to this established quality.

Metal Shell Reacts To Eskimo Callboy | Pump It

Want to see what I thought about “Pump It” in real-time? Please check out the video below to see how this album blew me away!

Metal Shell Reacts to Eskimo Callboy | Pump It

Need More Eskimo Callboy In Your Life?

Need more Eskimo Callboy in your life? I highly recommend you check my article on their previous track “We Got The Moves”. The track is very similar to “Pump It”, but it isn’t redundant in the slightest. Both tracks are hilarious bangers that have me hyped for the band’s upcoming record.

Additionally, if you loved the band’s 2020 track “Hypa Hypa”, I highly recommend that you check out my article discussing every single remix on their “MMXX: Hypa Hypa Edition” EP. The EP is full of unexpected renditions of the band’s hit track, including an amazing deathcore remix by We Butter The Bread With Butter.

Are you excited for the new Eskimo Callboy album in 2022? I know I am! Please share your thoughts on “Pump It” as well as the upcoming record down in the comments.