Eskimo Callboy Release Seven Hilarious New Versions Of Hypa Hypa

Eskimo Callboy are not letting Hypa Hypa die. The breakout song was a hit during the 2020 lockdown period. This is partially due to the feel-good nature and contagious fun contained within the track and its respective music video. The song was a chaotic and energetic metalcore hit that released during a time where there wasn’t much of it. Now thanks to the band’s new EP, ‘MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition’, there is no shortage of ridiculous energy.

The Original Version of Hypa Hypa – Eskimo Callboy

The band has spoiled us with seven new versions of Hypa Hypa, but is this too much Hypa Hypa? Let’s breakdown each rendition piece-by-piece.

Saltatio Mortis – Medieval Metal Version

The first new version of Hypa Hypa found on ‘MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition’ is a medieval metal version of the track by the German group Saltatio Mortis. To me it sounds like it contains some punk influences and it reminds me heavily of the Celtic punk band, ‘Dropkick Murphys’. The track remains faithful to the energy found in the original Hypa Hypa. While there isn’t any screaming found within the track, there are plenty of bagpipes. It is a different type of wild energy but it is wild energy nonetheless. This version is one of my personal favorites out of the new version of the track, as the style conveyed within this rendition is not one I ever expected to exist. However, I am glad it does. This is the Hypa Hypa I never knew I needed.

Hypa Hypa – Saltatio Mortis

The music video is also hilarious. [Spoiler Alert!] It ends with Saltatio Mortis embracing Hypa Hypa to the fullest and sporting incredible 80’s outfits and styles.

The BossHoss – Country Version

Next up is the “Country version of Hypa Hypa performed by Berlin’s, The BossHoss. The band however refers to their music as “Country Trash Punk Rock”. They base their style on stereotypical America cowboy behavior. This is likely more noticeable in their home country. To America listeners, this version may just sound like another regular country song. This is not an insult though, as it shows how well they reshaped Hypa Hypa into a country song. The track reminds me of ‘Old Town Road’, as it doesn’t take itself serious and contains a fun energy within it. I can see this satirical take on country hitting home with even haters of the popular genre.

Hypa Hypa – BossHoss

257ers – Hip-Hop Version

This one is ridiculous in the best way possible. The track is performed by the German rap duo, 257ers. The track starts with a beat reminiscent of the original Hypa Hypa beat supplemented with a low bass beat. It works better than it probably should have. Another interesting fact about this version is that the hip-hop verses are all performed in German. I think this adds a unique flavor to the song. Even Eskimo Callboy have toyed with the idea of having German lyrics within their songs, but they have not tried it themselves yet.

Hypa Hypa – 257ers

Additionally, the original chorus was Hypa Hypa is used as the chorus. It works well and fits perfectly. Most of the tracks from the Hypa Hypa Edition do not feature the original vocals from the song. This was the perfect track to utilize it, as the chorus brings some melody into the track. The song contains blowhorns which while a it juvenile, it adds some chaotic energy into the mix. The only real downside to this version if the short two-minute runtime. Otherwise it would have been one of the best versions on the EP.

Sasha – Pop Version

Next up is a full pop version of Hypa Hypa performed by German popstar, Sasha. The track starts with a soft piano rendition of the original track. It sounds like something Linkin Park would have done. The verses sound exactly what you would expect a clean version of the crushing screams from the original track. This version of the song is the most straightforward out of the bunch. It seems like a radio edit of the original Hypa Hypa. This is not a bad thing at all, as a pop version of the song was exactly what they were going for.

Hypa Hypa – Sasha

It is a fun and charming track, but one thing that is missing is Niko’s vocals within the bridge. His performance was hilarious and full of talent. The romantic yet comedic delivery is missing from this version of the track. However, Sasha’s version does have a great final chorus. The popstar utilizes backing tracks to deliver a satisfying ending to the track.

Gestört aber GeiL – Hypa Hypa Remix

Hypa Hypa Remix – Gestört aber GeiL

The fifth version of the song is a simple party mix performed by German DJ duo, Gestört aber GeiL. There isn’t much to report about the track other than that it is a fun party remix of the original track. Add this to a party playlist and no one would ever notice you snuck in one of your metalcore songs. On a random note, this track could have played at the Club in Mandripoor featured in Marvel’s ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’. I can’t unsee Zemo dancing to this track. Here is a video for proof.
Zemo Callboy – Metal Shell TikTok

Now you can’t unsee it either. You’re welcome. This is now considered canon in my eyes.

We Butter The Bread With Butter – Deathcore Version

If Sasha’s pop version of the track was an alternate version of Hypa Hypa where only singer Niko Sallach exists, this version if the full blown metal version where only screamer Kevin Ratajczak performs. Seriously, even the chorus is screamed for the most part. We Butter The Bread With Butter (WBTBWB) bring the heavy with this rendition of Hypa Hypa. The song starts off with the iconic “duh dun dun dun” chant from the original track, but screamed with low growls and high growls. The start of the first verse sounds like ‘Pray For Plagues’ by Bring Me The Horizon. That is how ridiculous this deathcore take is. Additionally, the iconic chant is supplemented with blast beats. This is hardly surprising at this point.

Hypa Hypa – We Butter The Bread With Butter

The first chorus is not screamed, However, this is not a serious attempt at the chorus. This version of the chorus sounds like an Oktoberfest German folk performance, and it is quickly silenced by more high-pitched growls. This sounds like the type of comedic thing Eskimo Callboy themselves would pull. This is not surprising, as We Butter The Bread With Butter’s own Marcel Neumann helped produce the Eskimo Callboy track “MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja).

The breakdown is as low-tuned and heavy as expected. Despite being absolutely crushing as a deathcore breakdown, I am partial to the breakdown from the original version. It is more energetic, fast, and ridiculous. This doesn’t mean that the We Butter The Bread With Butter failed here. The low breakdown matches their ridiculous deathcore personality. The breakdown ends with some record scratching that leaves me thinking that Eskimo Callboy should utilize record scratching in future music. It fits their party vibe and self-parodizing nature. Like Limp Bizkit from the 90’s and early 20’s, Eskimo Callboy does not take themselves seriously, yet still release fun anthems that rock the world of alternative music. Overall this overly heavy take on the track is a ton of fun.

Axel One – The Ballad

The EP ends the same way many albums within the alternative scene do. The final track on MMXX Hypa Hypa Edition is a slow ballad performed by Axel One. Axel One is a solo project by We Butter The Bread With Butter bassist Axel Goldmann. There is nothing bad about this ballad version of Hypa Hypa, but it also doesn’t really feel necessary to include. There is some humor in hearing the song performance in such a melancholy way, but that is about it. The other versions of the song added to the ridiculousness of the song, but this one just exists.

Hypa Hypa – Axel One

Final Thoughts On ‘MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition’

Eskimo Callboy won’t let the world forget that Hypa Hypa was the metalcore anthem of 2020. The band has completely embraced their most successful track to date and feel no shame in promoting it in any way they can. However, does the Even after hearing seven more versions of Hypa Hypa, I feel as if we still haven’t had enough. The solution here is that hopefully they embrace this sound just as they have embraced the song itself. An album full of different songs in the chaotic style of Hypa Hypa would be fabulous and huge. The band’s future looks bright, and I have my best 80’s shades on, ready to embrace the neon lights of Eskimo Callboy.

Which was your favorite rendition of the track? Do you think the next Eskimo Callboy album will live up to the Hypa Hypa? Let us know in the comments.