Breaking Benjamin Add Rarely Played Deep Cuts To Setlist

Breaking Benjamin are a great band to see live. The energy never dies thanks to the band’s loaded discography of hits. Unfortunately, due to the band’s large amount of successful singles, hardcore fans rarely get to hear their favorite non-singles performed live. This is a common complaint that is echoed on the Breaking Benjamin subreddit and within social media comments. Now it seems like the band has listened to these hardcore fans. As of their latest tour, the band play at least two (if not more) underrated fan-favorites. This is admirable as the band has plenty of successful singles that could fill up a setlist or two. Dive into the article to check out what songs have made the Breaking Benjamin setlist and my thoughts on them.

Breaking Benjamin Setlist 2021

Breaking Benjamin Setlist

As a huge Breaking Benjamin fan, I am really happy with their latest setlist. Unfortunately I wasn’t be able to catch any of their shows, but hopefully this type of setlist returns in 2022. Now the band never established a consistent setlist for 2021 (which is exciting!). Instead the band seem to have been testing the waters and playing different songs for different tour dates. Here are the non-singles that have appeared across the recent show.


Break My Fall

Simple Design



Lights Out

Now let’s jump into what makes each of these songs great setlist additions.

Setlist Worthy Deepcuts


Believe it or not (no pun intented), but “Believe” has actually been a mainstay on the Breaking Benjamin’s setlist lately. The track is a heavy one utilized to get the crowd moving. Songs like this prove that the band have a heavy side, one that shines well in an energetic live setting. Bassist Aaron Bruch takes on lead vocals for the track and honestly he does a great job. His growls are ferocious and his stamina is impressive. I was fortunate enough to witness both this track and fellow underrated heavy track “Sugarcoat” live in 2019. The crowd was rowdy during both tracks and the moshpits were some of the wildest I’ve ever seen. Aaron also takes the mic for Sugarcoat, and he does a great job here as well. I for one welcome these heavy tracks onto any Breaking Benjamin setlist.

I couldn’t find a recent video of the track, but here is a well put-together video of “Believe” live from 2018. Aaron’s growls sound fantastic and Ben hyping up the song at the start of the video is invigorating. I would love to hear a heavier side-project featuring Aaron as the vocalist. Or better yet, I would love to hear Breaking Benjamin release some heavier material where Aaron gets to contribute with some of his best growls.

Break My Fall

I never expected this track to pop back up in 2021. Breaking Benjamin’s sophomore record “We Are Not Alone” is one of my favorites of all-time. I still listen to the album regularly, and I find it to the band’s most underrated record. The album features huge singles such as “So Cold” and “Sooner Or Later” which is bound to make nearly any track get lost in the sauce. However I find myself extremely fond of some of the deep cuts from the record. I listen to the album in full quite often, as I don’t think there is a mediocre song in the whole bunch. Fortunately this means I never forget the several underrated tracks from this record. One of these tracks is “Break My Fall”. The precursor to the widely successful “Phobia” album, this track is where singer Benjamin Burnley first threw his phobia out into the word.

“Break My Fall” is a fan-favorite for sure, but that’s about it. Casual listeners might not even know this one. The song is remembered for its calm yet frightening sample where a pilot expresses concerns of a possible crash. This taps into the singer’s phobia for flying, and showcases how revealing this track is. Despite this songs personal attachment to Ben, rhythm guitarist Keith Wallen takes the mic live. This is fine though, as Keith sounds great on this track and the previously mentioned “Sooner Or Later”.

Below is a video of Breaking Benjamin performing “Break My Fall” during their Blue Ridge Rock Festival setlist. Is it just me, or is it incredible hearing these classic tracks played live at a huge rock festival like this one? I am glad some tracks from “We Are Not Alone” can still make the cut for festival setlists. Keith Wallen sounds great here, and Ben sounds great with him when he joins in on the chorus. The current lineup sure make a great team!

Break My Fall (Live) – Breaking Benjamin

Simple Design

I am amazing by how much attention “We Are Not Alone” was getting last tour. The band seems to have occasionally cycled through different tracks from their sophomore album. I find this to be a great way to give tribute to all of the fan-favorites hidden on this record. One of the tracks that made the setlist every now and then was “Simple Design”. This one is about as underrated as it gets. I even consider the track to be one of Breaking Benjamin’s most underrated songs of all-time. The fact that the band played it live in 2021 is amazing to me.

While the track isn’t as heavy as “Believe” or “Sugarcoat” it is one of the band’s heavier tracks. The song starts with a brutal scream and the riff is crunchy and bouncy. I think the song is perfect for a live performance. I hope the band cycles this one back in occasionally, as I would love to witness it live next year. The song has always been one of my personal favorites, and seeing it get this kind of attention makes me happy.

Below is a video of “Simple Design” being performed live in 2019. I couldn’t find a more recent video, and this is likely due to the track only being played a couple of times in 2021. Worth noting is that both Ben and Aaron sing the song in a duet, which is really interesting and adds a lot of power to the track. The pyrotechnics are also really cool here and work well with the track.

Simple Design (Live) – Breaking Benjamin


One of the best Breaking Benjamin songs of all-time, “Firefly” is a must have on their setlist. While it should have been a mainstay ever since its release, I am just glad it is finally getting some attention. The song is a personal favorite of mine, and many die-hard fans share this sentiment. The song has an impressive amount of streams on Spotify despite its age (22 million), and fans often list it as a favorite as well. For reference, even the single “Sooner Or Later” has 25 million Spotify streams. I think these numbers speak for themselves.

The track has an addictive main riff and Benjamin delivers some impressive vocals on the track. The song is pretty dynamic in nature, and the bridge is pretty heavy and badass if I must say so myself. It seems that bassist Aaron Bruch also singles this one live, but he does a great job. He really has nailed that “Benjamin Burnley” sound, and his growls sound fantastic. Whether Benjamin sings the track or not, I would love to witness this one live. “Firefly” may even be my favorite Breaking Benjamin song of all time.

Check out this live video of Aaron singing the song with ex-bassist Mark Klepaski on bass. The beginning of a video features a wholesome reunion between Ben and Mark, and I think any old school fan would love to see it.

Firefly (Live) – Breaking Benjamin


Let’s take things back from a time even before “We Are Not Alone”. That’s right! The band even cycled in a track from their debut record “Saturate”. This song is the Wizard of Oz based track “Home”. The song is another heavy fan-favorite and for a good reason. Despite the strange references to The Wizard of Oz, the song hits like a truck. The main riff is energetic and heavy and Ben – with support from Aaron – lays down some unsuspecting gnarly growls. It is really neat seeing modern day bearded Ben play this classic track live. Can we hear “Shallow Bay” next please? I love that track!

Below is a video of Breaking Benjamin playing “Home” live in 2021. For readers around my age I am sure this makes you feel a certain way.

Home (Live) – Breaking Benjamin

Lights Out

While “Lights Out” was a promotional single for the band’s emotional fourth album “Dear Agony”, the song hasn’t had much attention since. The heavy single was used in promotional material for Bungie’s Halo Reach in 2009. Unfortunately the video has since been scrubbed off the internet somehow. Anyways, the song is easily one of the band’s heaviest tracks – until “Ember” that is – and unfortunately the song never got the attention it deserved. Fortunately though, Breaking Benjamin have not forgotten about the track. The band played it live quite a few times in 2021. Hell, it even made the setlist for their festival performance at Blue Ridge Rock Festival! Hopefully the track makes it onto more setlists in the future.

I find the most of the “Dear Agony” album to be underrated. The album was extremely successful upon release, so I find it odd that it doesn’t quite get the attention that “Phobia” gets. The band’s fourth album will always be important to me, as the album came out at a very special time for me. The sober written album reaches a place of genuine emotion and heaviness that the band haven’t repeated since. Every Breaking Benjamin album is special in its own right, but “Dear Agony” is extra special in my eyes. I hope to see this track – and more songs from its respective album – get more attention in 2021.

Here is a video of the band performing “Lights Out” in 2021 at the previously mentioned Blue Ridge Rock Festival. I admire the band for bringing back this underrated heavy track for such an occasion. For those who miss Ben performing the majority of screams and growls live, you’re in luck! The footage captures the vocalist roaring out some of his best growls in years unassisted. Breaking Benjamin have the song sounding better than ever, and hopefully they play it more in the near future.

Lights Out (Live) – Breaking Benjamin

Final Thoughts On Breaking Benjamin’s Setlist

As a long-time fan, I am ecstatic to see all of these songs get more attention. It is understandable that Breaking Benjamin have allowed their setlist to become stagnant over the years, as they have dozens of successful singles that deserve to be played live. However, it is great to see the band give attention to some of their more underrated tracks. The band are one of those special acts where some of their best material are the underrated gems. If the band continue to experiment and cycle in some of these lowkey tracks, I know fans like me will anticipate every live show more than ever. I can only hope they keep this up in 2022, as I am more excited than ever to see one of my favorite bands perform live again.

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