Issues Are Now Fully Independent, No Longer With Rise Records

Issues are now an independent band that needs no label. You read that right! Issues have left their former label, Rise Records. The news was announced by the band during one of drummer Josh Manuel’s Twitch streams. The separation was mutual and there are no hard feelings on both sides. There are many factors that go into a decision like this, and I believe the band made the right call. So let’s jump right in and discuss Issues’ separation from Rise Records.

I recommend listening through the instrumental version of “Beautiful Oblivion” while reading through this article. There is a ton of talent contained within this band and plenty to look forward to.

Beautiful Oblivion (Instrumental)

Why Did Issues Leave Rise Records?

The band’s decision to leave Rise Records is definitely for the best. The current band members are each working on their own projects and are taking their (well-deserved) time in reshaping the band. Bassist Skyler Acord is touring bassist for Twenty One Pilots, guitarist AJ Rebollo is working on his own EP, and Josh Manuel is a (ridiculously entertaining) Twitch streamer. When a band is with a label there is often time restraints and deadline obligations. With the band now being independent, they are free to solve their own issues (no pun intended) regarding the band on their own time.

The band only had one more record left on their last contract, so it seems unnecessary to fulfill this last remaining record. If the band is going to start fresh with a new and promising chapter, it might as well all be done in a similar manner here on out. This means Issues can find their groove with their new direction, and keep it going from there.

The Band Doesn’t Need A Label Right Now

Convenience and leniency aren’t the only reasons the band have gone independent however. Issues is a special band; one where every member is technical and skilled in the fundamentals of their respective instruments and music production as a whole. The band is able to track their own parts, and anything they can’t do their many talented friends sure can. A band like Issues is a perfect match for the independent life style. Each member can now stay busy and work on anything they want at their own pace. The sky is the limit for this new independent form of Issues.

I will be discussing the future of Issues as a whole – including their future style, singer(s), and sound – in an upcoming article. The purpose of this post was merely to discuss the band’s newfound independence. So stay tuned for that more in-depth discussion piece!

Want To Hear More Music Similar To Issues?

If you want more music similar to Issues, I highly recommend you check out the latest album by the mysterious Sleep Token. The record is a melodic and dramatic progressive metal record with all of the soulful-djenty goodness of Issues. Check out my track-by-track review of their latest album “This Place Will Become Your Tomb” down below.

If you saw the stream last night, you’ll recognize Hansel Romero of – up-and-coming band – nightlife. The band takes major influence from Issues – especially their amazing “Beautiful Oblivion” record – without sounding redundant in the slightest. I highly recommend you check out their lead single “new low” ASAP! The track was definitely THE track of the summer, and their promising career is only just starting to flourish. Perhaps Romero will even appear in a future Issues track. *wink wink*

What do you think of Issues going independent? Let us know in the comments.