Spiritbox Tap Into The Nu-Metal Sound With New Single ‘Hurt You’

Spiritbox are getting close to releasing one of the – if not the most – hyped up albums of 2021. The Canadian band’s debut album “Eternal Blue” comes out September 17th, 2021, and they have blessed us with one more single while we wait. Their new track “Hurt You” follows the band’s trend of experimenting with new sounds with each single released. The “Blessed Be” band has showcased a wonderful display of diversity within the record with fully heavy tracks with only screaming vocals, to beautiful progressive tracks that push the boundaries of the metalcore genre.

“Hurt You” is another heavy track that sounds like their tracks “Holy Roller” and “Circle With Me” had a baby and raised it on nu-metal. The distorted undertones throughout the song have a creepy and eerie vibe to it only found in the more darker, industrial side of the nu-metal genre. Following the last couple of tracks featured a more tame and eloquent sound, I didn’t expect “Hurt You” to be so dark. As a big fan of diverse records, I am totally on board with this. Spiritbox are shaping up to have one of the most diverse records the scene has ever seen.

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Spiritbox is:

Courtney LaPlante – vocals

Mike Stringer – guitar

Bill Crook – bass

Their Socials:





A Darker Sound For Spiritbox

Hurt You – Spiritbox

Spiritbox manage to release a fifth single off of their upcoming album “Eternal Blue” and still have yet to repeat a sound more than once. The band are not redundant in the slightest, and I have faith that the full album will prove the same. By utilizing a darker atmosphere and sound, the band is able to create a song with a similar structure to “Circle With Me”, while maintaining its own identity. The band also swaps the clean verses of the previous mentioned track with screamed verses. I like to think of “Hurt You” as the duality to “Circle With Me”. Both are absolute bangers with breakdowns to match, but convey completely different attitudes and messages. With a name like “Hurt You”, I was anticipating a heavier track, and fortunately I got my wish.

The “Hurt You” Music Video

The music video gives me strong “Resident Evil: Revelations” vibes. An invasive zombie creature haunts what I assume are troubled lovers within a hotel (or crewship?). While Spiritbox are no strangers to creepy music videos – Holy Roller still shocks me when it pops up unexpectedly – I did not expect another disturbing video so soon. It made for some great visuals and a unique music video though, that’s for sure! I thoroughly enjoyed the video, and I believe this is one of those circumstances where a video complements and adds to the track. I will now forever see the zombie creature in my mind whenever I hear “Hurt You”. Thank you Spiritbox for haunting my dreams!

Metal Shell Reacts To Spiritbox | Hurt You

Want to see what I thought about the track in real-time? I recorded my initial reaction to “Hurt You” during the premiere of the track. Please check out the video below to see how “Hurt You” gave me the best scare I could ever hope for.

Metal Shell Reacts to Spiritbox | Hurt You

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What did you think of “Hurt You”? Are your you excited for “Eternal Blue” on September 17th? Of course you are! Feel free to share your excitement in the comments.