Tallah Hate5six Livestream: You Need To Watch This Liveset Right Now

I am not messing around here. You need to watch this liveset by promising young nucore band, Tallah. Yes, that includes anyone who has disliked any – and all – other livestream events that bands have put on throughout the pandemic. With unmatchable energy, incredibly tight vocal and instrumental performances, and the most entertaining stage presences you’ll ever see, Tallah’s hate5six liveset is bound to make your week. In the video, the earache records band performs their 2020 album Matriphagy in full.

Upon release, fans were eager to hear the record live. Who can blame them either, the album displays an infectious energy perfect for live shows. While the wait would be long before Tallah could perform the record live, fans got an early taste. Typically a liveset never captures the true energy of an in-person concert; fortunately there is nothing typical about Tallah. The band – thanks to every single member’s contagious energy – manages to bring live concerts straight to any viewer’s home. So what makes their Matriphagy stream so special? I’ll break it down in full within this article, but I do highly recommend just giving their set a full watch before even joining in on the discussion. The video can be found below.

[hate5six] Tallah – October 1, 2020 (Matriphagy in full)

FFO: Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, Knocked Loose

Tallah is:

Justin Bonitz – vocals

Derrick Schneider – lead guitar

Andrew Cooper – bass

Max Portnoy – drums

Alex Snowden – Rhythm guitar

Mewzen – turntables, samples, keyboards

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A Vicious And Energetic Album Playthrough

Despite being a newer band, Tallah have already mastered their stage presence and live sound. This is likely due to the band’s individual members being independently involved in the scene. Perhaps the most impressive part about Tallah isn’t that they have the energy in the first place, but that they can viciously continue to express this attitude and sound throughout a full album playthrough. This isn’t your typical core album either, this is Matriphagy; a brutal and disturbing nucore record with pig squeals and low growls to match.

Tallah Live

The sound is as energetic as the members of the band. Everyone fits in with each other here. From frontman Justin Bonitz front flips and twerking, to DJ Mewzen’s headbanging and face slapping, to guitarist Alex Snowden’s climbing and hanging, to drummer Max Portnoy’s shirtless drum beatdowns, there is always something to look at during a Tallah performance. Performance is the keyword here. The band isn’t simply playing a song live, they are putting on a whole performance. Members take on disturbed personas fitting for an entertaining show. The band have me impatiently waiting for my chance to see them live in concert. I can’t imagine a dead crowd at one of their shows (unless Kungan gets to them that is). Their hate5six liveset was the perfect way to demonstrate their live shows to the whole world, even during a national pandemic.

Tallah Create A Disturbing Nu-Metal Atmosphere

Tallah hate5six

When you write a concept album about a boy who kills and eats his own mother after neutering himself, you have to have a look to match. Tallah decorated the stage for their liveset in the most perfectly disturbing way imaginable. The footage was filmed in what looks like a rundown and abandoned barn with hay and dirt all around. Hanging from the rafters are bloody and disfigured stuffed animals such as the infamous Lobifu (as mentioned by name in Overconfidence). I hope some day the band does an intimate tour featuring frightening imagery such as this.

Need More Tallah In Your Life?

Was the liveset not enough? Do you need more Tallah? I highly recommend subscribing to their Patreon. The band has plenty of behind-the-scenes content including previews of future material, playthroughs, an active Discord community, and a Patreon exclusive EP based around Disney’s Aladdin appropriate titled “Talladdin”. If you want a taste of the “Talladdin” EP, check out their cover of “Friend Like Me” available to anyone. You can find the video below.

Talladdin – Friend Like Me

If you’re as obsessed with the band as I am – and love collecting physical CDs like I do – I highly recommend grabbing yourself a physical copy of Matriphagy by utilizing the affiliate link below. Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However, I will never recommend a product or service I don’t have 100% faith in. Additionally, you can find a link to the MP3 purchase if you prefer to support music that way. Happy listening!

The Future Of Tallah

Tallah recently released their new single “Vanilla Paste”. The track is a heavy, dynamic, and theatrical performance that still features the same disturbing imagery the band is known for. The track also features members from Guerilla Warfare, Fire From The Gods, and Chelsea Grin. It is only 2021, but Tallah are already proving themselves to be one of the defining bands of the 20’s. Check out the creative music video for “Vanilla Paste” down below.

Vanilla Paste – Tallah

Did you enjoy “Vanilla Paste”? Check out my article where I share my thoughts on the track and its music video down below.

What did you think of their Matriphagy livestream? Have you seen any of the other incredible Hate5six livesets? Let us know in the comments.