Nightlife Fallback EP Coming This August | New Singles Out Now!

Nightlife are back with the song of the summer yet again! Following the massive success of the band’s debut single and EP “new low”, the band are here to prove it wasn’t a one-time thing. It was tough to predict what nightlife would do next after such a fantastic breakout single, but fortunately the band strike gold yet again with “fallback”. The single debuted with a music video, and another track appropriate titled “nightlifetypebeat“. These aren’t the only two songs nightlife are back with however, as the tracks are part of the five-track EP “fallback” coming late next month. Fan reception for the new tracks have been overwhelmingly positive, but I am sure no one familiar with the band is surprised. Jump into the article for further information on the new nightlife EPfallback” along with the setlist.

nightlife – fallback

nightlife fallback ep
nightlife – fallback (EP)

nightlife fallback Tracklisting:

1. nightlifetypebeat

2. fallback

3. fool me once

4. hard for me

5. no pleasure

nightlife – fallback EP Release Date And Details

The new nightlife EP “fallback” is already almost here! The EP is slated for release August 26th, 2022.

I was excited to see “fallback” and “nightlifetypebeat” drop, but I had no idea a collective EP was fast approaching. This is a pleasant surprise and an exciting one at that. Frequent readers of my content will know that “new low” was easily one of my favorite songs of the last year, and I can already tell that nightlife are securing a high spot on the list yet again. It is a great feeling to fall in love with a new band right out the gate, and it is an even better feeling to see them progress and grow.

Speaking of which, let’s discuss the two tracks from “fallback” that just released, and how they push the envelop for such an already promising act.

The Lead Single – fallback

fallback – nightlife

The lead single and title track from “fallback” is exactly what fans were hoping would come next. The song takes the sound from “new low”, but pushes it in an entirely unrecognizable direction. The funk and soul from the previous EP is all there, but there isn’t a single redundant element found within the track. As much as I love nightlife, I did wonder if their fresh sound would have the same effect after releasing additional music. Fortunately this concern was invalid, as “fallback” is as exciting as ever.

Hansel Romero delivers an incredible vocal performance on “fallback”, and the chorus is hooky and infectious. I can’t get enough of this track, and I can already tell that this one will be on repeat for the whole summer (and longer). While Hansel is a fantastic vocalist, nightlife is not a one-person band. The instrumentation is the secret sauce that brings the whole thing home. The funky tones and jazzy rhythm creates a heavy sound that could allow the band to join in on heavier alternative tours, all while making music accessible to the masses. The sky is the limit for nightlife, and they are just getting started.

The music video for “fallback” has all the positive energy and vibes of the “new low” music video. I really love the attitude nightlife displays in their videos, and it brings in another level of depth to the band. I for one am glad to see another artistic and infectious music video by the band. Here is to hoping they have more coming soon. This attitude is fresh amongst the scene, and I am totally here for it.

The EP Intro – nightlifetypebeat

fallback music video – nightlife

Anyone else love when an intro track sounds like an intro track? If so, you’ll love “nightlifetypebeat”. When I first heard the track without context, I thought it was a bit weird (in a good way) and experimental. However, upon learning that this track is the first track on an EP, I can appreciate it even further. Now this track is the opposite of the “new low”. While last year’s hit single was an over five-minute anthem, “nightlifetypebeat” is short and experimental.

The track starts off with an explosive energy and a fantastic vocal run. The song is appropriately titled, as this track is definitely a “nightlifetypebeat”. After less than a minute, the track fades into silence before popping off yet again into an explosive chorus. Like I explained previously, the song is not what I expected, but I dig it a ton. I find it to be a fantastic opening track, and I can’t wait to hear it in the context of the whole “fallback” EP.

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If you’re new to the band and missed their “new low” EP from last year, I highly recommend you check it out. Down below you’ll find my introduction article from when I first discovered nightlife. Within the article I review the band’s first EP and discuss the background of the band. The full article can be found below.

Are you excited for the new nightlife ep “fallback”? I know I will be counting down the days till August 26th, 2022. Please share your thoughts on singles and the upcoming EP down in the comments.