DK Rap Limp Bizkit Remix: Todd Barriage Delivers A Perfect 90’s Mashup

I never knew I needed a DK Rap Limp Bizkit remix until now. Music-focused Youtuber Todd Barriage has blessed the world with the most 90’s mashup ever. Todd picked six of the best Limp Bizkit riffs he could find and got to work. Next the Youtuber puts on his best Fred Durst impersonation – and N64 swag – and delivers a performance that is as hilarious as it is impressive. Rather than cover songs from the band though, the Youtube raps and screams the lyrics to the infamous DK Rap. For those who aren’t aware, the DK Rap is the intro to the 1999 N64 collect-a-thon game Donkey Kong 64. The song is originally performed and composed by Grant Kirkhope (of Banjo-Kazooie fame).

The song/video for this DK Rap and Limp Bizkit mashup is as whacky and chaotic as you can probably already imagine. Check it out for yourself down below. Within this article I will discuss the video itself and Todd Barriage’s growing Youtube channel. So stick around for that!

The DK Rap but it’s Limp Bizkit – Todd Barriage

The DK Rap But It’s Limp Bizkit

Props to Todd here, because if I close my eyes I totally hear Fred Durst on the mic. The Youtuber doesn’t just capture the sound of Limp Bizkit though, but also the mannerisms and wild nature of the band. The riffs used in this rendition of the DK Rap are from Break Stuff, My Generation, Out Of Style (a new fan-favorite), Nookie, Rollin, and Take A Look Around. I think the song choices deserves an A+ alone, as these are some prime Limp Bizkit tracks. This DK Rap remix basically doubles as a greatest hit record for Limp Bizkit. I can’t get enough of this track honestly.

I find the video as complementally hilarious as the song itself. Todd’s drip is perfect for the occasion as well. Seriously, where did he get that N64 Christmas shirt? Christmas came early this year and I consider this my main present. Anyone else hoping that Donkey Kong 64 appears on the Nintendo 64 Online application soon? I am craving a playthrough now.

More Limp Bizkit Content By Todd Barriage

I have been on a bit of a Limp Bizkit kick ever since “Still Sucks” released, so this was perfect timing on Todd’s part. The band are back in the spotlight and this is the perfect time to release such a video. The Youtuber also released a pop-punk version of Dad Vibes. Coincidentally enough, Fred Durst himself reposted the video as I was writing this article. Good for Todd for getting noticed! I think he deserves it at this point. Check out his Youtube channel here and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel. You can check out the previously mentioned video down below.

Dad Vibes but it’s 2000’s Pop Punk – Todd Barriage

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What did you think of this DK Rap Limp Bizkit remix? Do you enjoy the content of Todd Barriage? Let us know in the comments.