Motionless In White Go Platinum In New Thoughts & Prayers Music Video

Motionless In White have officially gone platinum! We aren’t talking album sales though. Frontman Chris Motionless sports a new platinum look in the gory new video for Thoughts & Prayers. The metal singer puts the usual black gothic look behind for this video and fans are obsessed. Nearly every comment on the music video points out the Voice’s singer’s new hairdo. The video has more going on than just a change of hair though.

Thoughts & Prayers – Motionless In White

Ricky Horror’s Directorial Debut

Guitarist Ricky “Horror” Olson once again steps out of their comfort zone for the Thoughts & Prayers music video. Previously Horror tried new things by lending his vocals for several recent Motionless In White tracks. These tracks include Undead Head 2: Tale of the Midnight Ride, Creatures X: To The Grave, and the synthwave version of the hit track Voices. This time Horror worked both in front and behind the camera.

Thoughts & Prayers

Sitting in the director’s chair, Ricky worked to bring the Disguise era to a crushing end. The music video is very creative, bloody, and fitting for the band. The track was a standout song and a fan favorite from the last album. It is great to see Thoughts & Prayers finally get a music video. However, some fans were disappointed the new music video wasn’t for a new song. Fortunately, come August all prayers will be answered. Frontman Chris Motionless previously stated that a “heavy as fuck” new track will arrive in August. You get what you pray for after all.

A Religious Cult Gone Wrong

The music video portrays Motionless as some sort of religious cult leader. He leads a group of cultists played by fans of the band, and convinces them to act in some sort of ritual. The music video starts off simple enough, until the breakdown occurs. At this point strobe lights start flashing and the cultists are all killed by the now demonic cult leader. Motionless dances throughout the breakdown in a scene that will likely be forever iconic to fans. Meanwhile the band are coverage top to bottom with blood. This could be the band’s goriest music video to date. I have a feeling fans of the band will not be complaining about this.

Chris Motionless Blonde

Thoughts & Prayers Is An Instant Classic

Some fans are even finding similarities to the Joker within the frontman’s performance. This wouldn’t be the first time these resemblances are made. In the music video for 2017’s Loud (Fuck It), Motionless directly references the clown prince of crime. Despite fans expecting a new track, the video was met with wide acclaim. The Thoughts & Prayers video already has over 700,000 views in less than a week. This is very impressive for a two year old song to achieve. This marks a successful directorial debut for Horror, and a fantastic end for the Disguise era.

Thoughts & Prayers

What did you think of the video for Thoughts & Prayers? Are you excited for the potential new Motionless In White song this August? Let us know in the comments.

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