Memphis May Fire Take On Nu-Core With New Single,’Death Inside’

Memphis May Fire are making one hell of a comeback. After the relentless metalcore single Blood & Water, the southern band are back with a new kind of heavy track. Death Inside is aggressive and heavy like the last single, but with a different style. Substituting nostalgic metalcore vocals with rap-style screaming, Matty Mullins tackles the nu-metal sound. The riffs in the verses are crunchy and bouncy, which makes the track perfect for a live setting. Fortunately, in-person concerts are making their long-awaited return, and the moshers are going to love this one.

The Death Inside Music VIdeo

Death Inside – Memphis May Fire

Strangely enough, the music video for Death Inside is nearly identical to the music video for previous single Blood & Water. It is not know whether or not the move is due to the theme of the album or just a way to save money. Regardless, it seems like a good business move, so we will let it slide this time. Memphis May Fire does put on a great show in the video though, which only has us more excited to see the band live again. Hopefully the screens behind them are utilized as their backdrop during live performances. This would be a great way to bring the concept full circle.

Memphis May Fire Experiment With Nu-Core

Nu-Core is becoming increasingly popular as the 20’s progress. Some of the most exciting Up-and-coming bands such as Tallah, Tetrarch, UnityTX, and Dropout Kings are all finding great success combining modern metalcore with 90’s nu-metal inspiration. Fortunately most of the bands experimenting with this sound are not redundant. While the nu-metal sound is nostalgic, the nu-core sound is fresh and exciting. You really get the best of both worlds when nu-core is done right. Memphis May Fire are proving that this style has a foundation in modern mainstream metal. Other metalcore giants such as Scranton’s Motionless In White have also dabbled in the nu-core sound with tracks like Soft and Headache.

Death Inside isn’t the first time Memphis May Fire experimented with the nu-metal sound. The band previously covered Faint by Linkin Park. Check out the cover below.

Faint – Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire took a risk by experimenting with Death Inside, and they succeeded. The riffs pack a punch and the crushing breakdown is bound to satisfy fans. We can only hope an album full of bangers follow the energy of the last two high octane singles.

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