Deadstream #2: Motionless In White Put On A Hauntingly Stupendous Show At The Pennhurst Asylum

Motionless In White just put on a stupendous show at the Pennhurst Asylum for their Deadstream #2. The concert was available for live streaming on June 9th and will run until the weekend. The venue was a perfect spot for the band aesthetically. The band is famous for putting their all into their set pieces, costumes, and cosmetics. The band recently concluded what they call their 2020 Quarantine Experiments, and the livestream was a great way to celebrate. If there was ever a time to do a live stream event, it is now. While venues are starting to open their doors, fans cannot expect to get the same experience out of the band at a normal, everyday venue.

The Pennhurst Asylum

Motionless In White did not stream from some no-name vacant warehouse for their livestream. The band decided to make this event a dream come true by performing at the hauntingly infamous Pennhurst Asylum. The asylum functioned from 1908 through 1987 until it was shut down due to cruelty towards patients. While the asylum is vacant from the living, countless horror stories allude to spiritual residents still occupying the premises. This may sound horrifying to some, but to Motionless In White it is a dream come true.

The band is not shy to mention their love for horror and all things spooky, and most of their fans tend to share the same opinion. The band went all out with their stage set up, adding plenty of spooky props to their set. The most noticeable being Chris Motionless’ new mic stand. The thing is a spinning skeleton for crying out loud! It was a good call booking such an iconic location for a worldwide livestream.

The Setlist

Thoughts & Prayers – Motionless In White

The setlist was incredibly strong and well crafted. The band came out quick with hit singles such as Disguise and Reincarnate. This left plenty of room for the heavy songs to come in and hit like a truck. Headache, Soft, and Thoughts & Prayers were performed all within the first half of the set. This was an absolute riot and I can see this setlist playing out perfectly in a live setting.

Catharsis – Motionless In White

Additionally, the band played a trilogy of softer songs that allowed for a dance break as opposed to some more aggressive moshing. These songs included the band’s cover of The Killers’ Somebody Told Me, Catharsis, and the rarely played track Sinematic. There were many surprises such as the Scranton band playing Contemptress, If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It, Black Damask (The Fog), and the previously mentioned Sinematic. These songs are rarely played, and when they are, it is often only at select dates. The band constantly switches around their setlist in order to keep things fresh and exciting. Honestly, more bands should do this while touring. The full setlist can be found below.

  1. Disguise
  2. Reincarnate
  3. /c0de
  4. Headache
  5. Contemptress
  6. Soft
  7. Thoughts & Prayers
  8. Voices
  9. If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It
  10. Somebody Told Me
  11. Catharsis
  12. Sinematic
  13. Black Damask (The Fog)
  14. Another Life
  15. Eternally Yours

The Performance

Motionless In White have progressively evolved their sound as time has passed. This is especially true in a live setting. The band is now one of the best live bands in the metalcore scene. Vocalist Chris Motionless seems to get better every passing year. Both his singing and screaming vocals have never been better. This is evident in live performances of both the band’s new and old material. If there was ever any doubt, the Deadstream #2 surely blew those away.

Additionally, the band is more perfectly knit than ever before. Most of the band contributes vocals at one point or another, only adding to the quality of their live performances. Guitarist Ricky “Horror” Olsen has been progressively taking on more singing roles as time passes, and Bassist Justin Morrow (Ex. Ice Nine Kills) has been lending his lungs to backing vocals since joining the band in 2019. Even lead Guitarist Ryan Sitkowski performs some backing vocals. These collaborative efforts have the band sounding better than ever live, and the professionalism is perfect testament for the maturity of the band. If the Deadstream #2 taught us anything, it is that Motionless In White put on one hell of a show. Fortunately concerts are starting to pop up again, and we will all likely be seeing the band live in person real soon. We give the performance an impressive 10/10 shells.

Final Verdict: 10/10 Shells

Did you watch the Deadstream #2? What did you think of Motionless In White’s performance? Let us know in the comments.