Surprise! Underoath Return Without Warning With Heavy Track ‘Damn Excuses’

Wow you don’t see that every day. Seemingly out of nowhere, Tampa metalcore band Underoath are back with their heavy new track Damn Excuses. The band took a more commercial rock route in 2018 with their comeback album “Erase Me”, so dropping a heavy track out of the blue is surely a treat for long-time fans. With no warning, Underoath strategically blew expectations out of the water. Sometimes the best marketing is having none at all. The surprise release is sure to spread quickly through word of mouth. Many popular bands from the 2000’s era are returning to a heavier sound such as Bullet For The Valentine, Memphis May Fire, Of Mice & Men, and many more. Seems like the 20’s will be an exciting year for the scene and genre.

Damn Excuses Is A New Kind Of Heavy For The Band

Damn Excuses – Underoath

Underoath have plenty of heavy tracks in their discography, but Damn Excuses is different entirely. The song sounds fresh because it isn’t just an attempt to hit the nostalgia nerves of fans. While the track is heavy, it isn’t in a style the band have previously attempted. Damn Excuses has a sludgy and raw sound; It is easy to imagine the song being played live while hearing it. The track is refreshing due to this stylistic choice. To add to this intentionally unpolished sound, at the start of the track someone is heard saying “yo did you get that?”. This random additional of dialogue takes the band out of the studio, and adds the listener to a live-take of the track.


I can honestly say I never expected to hear Underoath like this. As someone who didn’t listen to the band growing up, this may be my new favorite song by them. I am able to forgo nostalgia and just rock out to this crushing track. My favorite part is that right as the song seems to be ending, it comes back full force with a short breakdown. The energy literally never stops with Damn Excuses. Additionally, vocalist Spencer Chamberlain delivers a powerful performance all throughout the track. This is not too surprising though, as I last heard Underoath at A Day To Remember’s Self Help Festival in October of 2019. The band was at their best during their set, and Spencer sounding as good as ever.

Is This The New Sound Of Underoath?

The track was such a surprise, that we actually don’t know anything about the future of the band. Is there an album? Probably. Does this song accurately showcase the style of a full album? Perhaps not. I for one would be very interested in hearing an album of this style. Releasing an exnihilating album would be a great change of pace after the last sedentary year. Hopefully Underoath have more surprises instore for 2021.

Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie

What do you think of Damn Excuses? Are you excited for the future of Underoath? Let us know in the comments.

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