Sailing Before The Wind Celebrate 10 Years With Re-recording of ‘Cross The Ocean’

2011 seems so recent, yet so far away. Just 10 years ago, metalcore and breakdowns were still heading towards their peak of commercial success. While many metalcore bands have strayed from their roots, Sailing Before The Wind has embraced it. The band is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut EP ‘Horizon’ by releasing a rerecording of their single ‘Cross The Ocean’. Fans are overjoyed over the release and are currently sharing their sentimental thoughts and memories from the last 10 years. It seems that celebrating the release of older material is just as important to the fans as it is for the band. Sailing Before The Wind have made old fans happy, and we are here for it.

Who Are Sailing Before The Wind?

Sailing Before The Wind are a metalcore band from Tokyo, Japan, and are long-term members of the ever-growing Japanese metalcore scene. While the popularity of metalcore is constantly fluctuating in the United States, it is still gaining momentum in Japan. Some bands, like Queen’s Sylar, are even more popular in Japan than in their home country ( The United States of America). The band has had a presence over the last 10 years, sharing the stage with bands like Wage War, In Heart’s Wake, Thy Art Is Murder, and ERRA (who are gaining massive amounts of momentum right now!). Their bassist and founding member Bitoku was even touring bassist for Tokyo legends, Crystal Lake for several years. At this point unfamiliar readers might be asking themselves “how have I not heard of this band then?”.

Despite having music videos with hundreds of thousands of views, the band is definitely more low key than they should be. This could be due to the band’s organic and self-cultured growth. The band has an admirable dedication to self-releasing their material and staying independent. While this can impede reach, it isn’t a problem for bands who hope to have more control over their music, release schedules, and their careers. Many bands such as Cane Hill, Atilla, Periphery and the previously mentioned Sylar have taken the independent route recently. We hope to see this trend continue as more bands discover their autonomy. A record deal isn’t for everyone.

Drift Apart – Sailing Before The Wind

Cross The Ocean

Now that you are more familiar with Sailing Before The Wind, let’s discuss their new recording of ‘Cross The Ocean’. The single sees the return of founding members Kneeya (vocals), Takaya (guitar), and current member Bitoku (Bass). The band featuring founding members in their anniversary release of ‘Horizon’ is exciting, as not many bands have pulled this off so successfully. Ex – vocalist Kneeya is currently in the band ovEnola and ex – guitarist Takaya is currently in the band SLOTHREAT. With both previous members working on material with other bands, it is fortunate that fans were able to see this reunion happen. Was it worth the efforts?

The single itself is great. The vocal quality is drastically improved, the instrumentals are refined, and the mixing packs a much bigger and much needed punch. The track starts off with some “in your face” energy and never stops. This is different from the track from the ‘Horizon’ EP, as it began with an oceanic ambiance. The vocals are greatly improved, especially Kneeya’s low growls. About half way through the song, that missing ambiance comes in, complementing the chugs of the guitar. The bass is highlighted in the second verse popping through in between the crushing chugs of the guitar. This segment is my favorite part of the song for sure. The band isn’t done here though. A outro of the song features a huge breakdown, with impressive and quick guitar riffs complementing the heavy chugs throughout. The track definitely goes out with a bang.

Cross the Ocean (Rerecorded) – Sailing Before The Wind

Closing Thoughts

Sailing Before The Wind have made old fans very happy today. It would be great to see more bands follow their lead and take the time to admire the previous releases that got them where they are today. I give the track a respectable 8/10. The track is still 10 years old and it is evident in its design. However, this is not a band thing. To some, the 2010 sound of metalcore is the golden age of the genre. Any fan of this period of metalcore will enjoy ‘Cross The Ocean’. The dedication to the band’s history and fanbase is admirable, and we hope to hear more from Sailing Before The Wind soon. Keep up the great work!

Final Verdict: 8.0

Keep up with the previous members Kneeya (Vocalist of ovEnola) and Takaya (Guitarist of SLOTHRETH) below:

Mother (Feat. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox) – ovEnola

What do you think of the track? Are you a long time fan of Sailing Before The Wind? Let us know in the comments.