Suicide For A King Fuse Nostalgic Emo And Metalcore With ‘Corrupted Vision’

What do you get when you take a bunch of French-Canadian boys that grew up listening to emo music and teach them about breakdowns? You get Suicide For A King. The independent band are hustling and working hard in order to get the word out about their new EP, Corrupted Vision, arriving July 30th, 2021. The band so kindly let me hear their EP early – so I got plenty of time to bond with the EP – and spoiler alert, it slaps! In this article I will be giving a short history lesson about the band and their Corrupted Vision (and their EP too!)

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Who Are Suicide For A King?

Suicide For A Kind are from Montreal, Canada and were founded by guitarist Frederik De Celles in 2016. The band are on a mission to “seduce you with their french canadian accents” and to “show what real heavy metalcore sounds like”. Consider me intrigued! One thing I was quick to notice was the band’s sense of humor. Nearly all of their media is conveyed in a down-to-earth, honest, and humorous tone. The band are clearly having fun with this. This light-hearted take within their communication is refreshing coming out of the metalcore scene. While their music isn’t humorous, they do bring a contagious energy that is sure to impress metalcore fans.

The WORST IN US – Suicide For A King

The band adds an emo flair into their music with catchy clean choruses that you won’t expect upon first listen. At first I was caught off guard, but now I understand that this fusion of sounds is completely intentional. Hell, the band even covered Helena by My Chemical Romance. What does My Chemical Romance lack though? Deep low growls and shrieking high screams. These screams really take the sound in a different direction, and I was a big fan of it. I can only imagine them perfecting this duality as time goes by. The more I listen to the Corrupted Vision, the more I am impressed by the low growls of Jay Rodriguez.

The Corrupted Vision EP

Corrupted Vision EP – Suicide For A King

As for the EP, Corrupted Vision is a new take on the band’s sound. The EP is darker than previous material released by the band. The band aimed to take emo themes and lyrical messages and layer them on top of chunky riffs. The more I opened up to this sound, the more I found myself interested in it. I think Suicide For A King are hardly getting started here. With more development I believe they could be on to something here.

The first two tracks, The Worst In Us and Enemy, give a great look at what to expect with the band, but they are just getting started. The Worst In Us is a straightforward track with eerie mood setting synths in the background and a heavy first verse to lead listeners into Corrupted Vision. The chorus is short and sweet and gone in an instant. This isn’t a bad thing though, as the second first hits hard. Featuring impressively low growls and technical drum and guitar work, this verse is the star of the track.

ENEMY – Suicide For A King

Enemy is another heavy track, but in this track the energy never dies down. There is no singing at all within this track. Rodriguez screams through even the chorus. The only lines that aren’t screamed are the ones that are whispered throughout the track. These whispers add a dark vibe to the song that only compliments the hardcore vocals that follow. This experimentation is great! Many fans of metalcore love fully heavy tracks. If you like tracks like this, what are you waiting for? Give it a listen and watch the music video embed above.

Misconception And Timelapse

Suicide For A King do not peak early! My personal favorite tracks come in the second half of the EP. Misconception is my favorite track. The emo influences shine heavily on this track but don’t dominate it. The band still bring the heavy with this track, and spoil me with plenty of low growls (my favorite part about the band so far!). Towards the second half of the song, the band experiment with creating an ambiance of light and floaty instrumentals. Interestingly enough this portion contains blast beats! Suicide For A King are at their best when they ditch traditional norms and just do whatever they want to do. I encourage the band to let their creativity run wild and keep this up.

MISCONCEPTION – Suicide For A King

Timelapse is another great track. I personally find this track to contain their best chorus! The chorus sounds cleaner than the other tracks, and the delivery works very well. Half way through the song, the band blesses listeners with a crushing breakdown. Between this solid chorus and breakdown, Timelapse is one hell of a track (perhaps Timelapse is my favorite after all, only time will tell which I settle on). The band experiments more with this track by including a guitar solo during the bridge. Between all four tracks it is evident that Suicide For A King are experimenting well and sure to continue to evolve. I anticipate hearing more, especially a full record some day soon.

Suicide For A King Have A Corrupted Vision, And It Pays Off

Final Verdict: 8/10 Shells. Suicide For A King have a lot of growing to do, but that’s exactly what they are here to do! What the band attempts with their sound works, and I admire them for running with their influences and allowing them to go wild with it. The band has a contagious and dedicated work ethic, and there is no doubts that the band will only continue to grow from here. I hope to see the band continue their Corrupted Vision of seducing the world with their accents.

Check out their EP Corrupted Vision at the top of this article. If you are digging the hard-working independent band, please feel free to support them further by visiting their website and grabbing yourself some merch or even a physical CD!

What do you think of Suicide For A King? Let us know in the comments. If you dig them be sure to show them some love! Independent bands are the future of the scene.

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