Day Drinking Is The Ultimate Soundtrack For Your Alcoholic Uncle

Did Attila just go full dad rock? Nope! Attila just went full alcoholic unclecore. For those who aren’t aware, Attila are from Atlanta, Georgia. Day Drinking is a song that unironically ties in perfectly to these roots. The song takes Attila in a more commercial and accessible style; however the track still taps into the hard rock or metal sound. Imagine a more southern (and drunker) Rob Zombie, and you really capture the essence of Day Drinking. Now I know this all sounds a bit negative or insulting, but I am not taking a stab at the band. I believe this is exactly what they were going for, and honestly it works. The music video even shows drunk southerners performing the track during karaoke. Attila took a risk and had some fun and that is exactly what they achieve here. This is Attila’s biggest party in years.

Day Drinking follows the unfortunately timed single “Metalcore Manson”. The band came under scrutiny for the last single, and their attempts to conveniently sway the meaning of the song (no one bought it). The track is the fourth single off of their upcoming record “Closure“. The album releases July 23rd, 2021.

The Day Drinking Music Video

Day Drinking – Attila

As previously mentioned, the music video for Day Drinking perfectly captures the essence of the track. In the video, the band and everyone else involved are simply having fun and partying. This isn’t a rave or a night of clubbing, this party is a Georgian or Floridan party. From shouting at the bar to shouting on the karaoke stage, frontman Chris Fronzak and other drunk patrons are shown having a good time to the song. I can easily imagine my fictional drunk uncle shouting this song from his open jeep.

Attila Brings The Party Down South

Attila Day Drinking

Attila went radically southern with this track and the payoff is a fun and wild track. To add to the chaos, Chris Fronzak even plays his own fictional ex-girlfriend in the music video. Day Drinking is a lot of fun, but if you are expecting a metalcore or deathcore track, you’re likely going to be disappointed (the album will have heavier tracks for sure though!) So grab a beer with your uncle and give the track a listen. It can be a ton of fun if you let it.

What do you think of Day Drinking? Do you want to see Attila experiment more in the future? Stay tuned for the release of their next album “Closure” releasing July 23rd, 2021. The tracklist can be found below.

Attila – Closure tracklist

1. Anxiety
2. Empty Clip
3. Metalcore Manson
4. Day Drinking
5. Broke & Happy
6. G-Squad
7. Shots for the Girls
8. Viva Las Vegas
9. Cancelled
10. Clarity