Sleep Token Chokehold Is The First Big Drop Of 2023, Worship!

Sleep Token fans – including myself – have been speculating and waiting for a new track to drop ever since the band started sending out emails featuring new art with symbols and runes. Further fueling the rumors, one email from Sleep Token mentioned “new offerings” would be coming in January. Fortunately, Sleep Token did not keep fans waiting, and their new single “Chokehold” is here!

Sleep Token – Chokehold

Chokehold starts off with haunting and unsettling synths similar to the ones from Dark Signs from the band’s first record “Sundowning“. However, the sounds in Chokehold are much more sinister and disturbing sounding. Soon enough, Vessel’s crooning voice kicks in, and I must add that he sounds incredible here. 

After a slowburning start, a breakdown hits fast and suddenly, switching up the style of the song drastically. This caught me off guard and I loved it, the cruncy and bouncy instrumentation during the breakdown has me thinking that Chokehold is destined to be a fan-favorite track at live rituals.

The second verse is similar to the first verse except there is more instrumentation present, and I like the atmosphere this adds to the track. Chokehold builds upon itself as the song goes and it keeps it sounding fresh for the over five-minute runtime. 

Sleep Token have 2023 off to a good start when it comes to music, and I am so excited for whatever comes next. Speaking of which, let’s discuss that.

*UPDATE* Sleep Token have released another new single! Check out my coverage of The Summoning here.

Sleep Token – Take Me Back To Eden

Previously I mentioned that Sleep Token started an email campaign leading up to the release of Chokehold. Well within these emails a phrase of interest was noticed and has been a major point of discussion online and in the Sleep Token Reddit.

The phase was “Take Me Back To Eden“, and it seems like this may have been more than just a random quote. It has been reported that on Genius an album attached to Chokehold has been found. This album is potentially titled “Take Me Back To Eden”, which brings the cryptic emails full circle. There is no confirmation if this is reliable, so consider this all speculation for now.

The album listing on Genius also includes a tracklist that can be found below. If this is legitimate – and in the right order – Chokehold may just be the intro track to the album. This would make sense, as the beginning of the track screams “intro”, and it would fit well as an opening track.

Sleep Token – Take Me Back To Eden Tracklist:

  1. Chokehold
  2. Euclid
  3. Take Me Back To Eden
  4. Rain
  6. The Apparition
  7. AYROK
  8. Ascensionism
  9. Vore
  10. Aqua Regia
  11. Granite
  12. The Summoning

Once again, take this tracklist with a grain of salt. While some of these titles sound pretty on-point, some may be far from perfect. Regardless, I am excited to see what comes next for Sleep Token, and I am incredibly happy to already have been music from the band with Chokehold. If more comes next, that is just even better.

Sleep Token Fans Are Feasting Right Now

Sleep Token Fans Are Feasting Right Now

Sleep Token fans are absolutely feasting right now! Join me in discussing the latest singles from the band and what might be coming next.

In this video I breakdown both Chokehold and The Summoning. Additionally, I also go over current rumors regarding when we might see the next couple of tracks from Sleep Token’s upcoming album, Take Me Back To Eden.

You can find the video on my Youtube channel or just by clicking here.

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Sleep Token – The Summoning

Sleep Token The Summoning

After reporting on Chokehold, the very next day Sleep Token released another banger of a track. The next single “The Summoning” is a brutal, funky, dynamic, and progressive track that has to be heard to be believed. Check it out my thoughts on the track down below.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! Sleep Token have kicked off 2023 with a bang with their dynamic new track Chokehold. Whether an album is coming or not, the band surely have my attention. Only time will tell what comes next, but I am incredibly excited regardless. Worship.