Cane Hill Release “New Old” Song ‘All We Know’, And We’ve Been Missing Out

Cane Hill have been holding out on us. America’s favorite independent metal band recently released the not-so-new track All We Know. However, the song is only newly released, the song was actually recorded following the band’s 2019 EP, Kill The Sun. The New Orleans’ band is considering the song a “bonus track“, which does not contribute to the current series of “krewe” EPs. The band previously released the off-the-walls heavy EP, Krewe De La Mort, and are currently on their more melodic heartbreaking EP, ‘Krewe D’Amour‘. While not intentional, I think All We Know is a perfect bridge between the two EPs. The track resembles the wonderful track Blood & Honey and is a great palate cleanser from the aggressive Krewe De La Mort. Check out the track below.

Cane Hill – All We Know

All We Know

All We Know captures my favorite sound from Cane Hill. The bouncy sludgy riffs of James Barnett are juxtaposed with the soulful deep vocals of Elijah Witt, and it makes for one hell of a sexy track. Add in the occasional scream and the band captures a sound I like to (jokingly) call Bayou-core. To me – Cane Hill are more than just one of the first nu-metal influences bands of the 10’s – the band flirt with many sounds and incorporate guitar solos just as often as they utilize breakdowns. You never know what you’re going to get with Cane Hill, and this element is a huge part of what makes them so special. Now that the band is independent, I anticipate them experimenting and discovering themselves more and more through their unique and flexible music.

Cane Hill Krewe

The Soulful Sound Of New Orleans

Weirdly enough, I get a Phil Collin’s type of vibe from All We Know. It sounds like it could be on the Tarzan soundtrack (if it allowed heavier music that is). This just goes to show the type of soul Cane Hill delivers with some of their more recent material (except for the brutal Krewe De La Mort of course). I think why I admire All We Know so much is because it is the closest thing we have gotten to Singing In The Swamp, which is easily my favorite Cane Hill song.

It captures the bayou influenced sound and features a guitar solo, hypnotizing verses, a powerful and soulful chorus, and sludgy riffs. I hope to hear more of this sound from Cane Hill, but if not that is fine too. As I explained earlier, Cane Hill always deliver surprises, and pleasant surprises they always are. Refresh yourself with my favorite song by the moody band down below.

Singing In The Swamp – Cane Hill

A Fusion of What Makes Cane Hill Great

All We Know combines the best parts of Too Far Gone and fuses it with the sound from Kill The Sun and Krewe D’Amour (can’t confirm that last part though, as we have only heard one track so far). We are blessed that the band decided to release this track following their departure from Rise Records. The band owns the track, so be sure to show it some love. Support independent bands! You can further show your support by jamming their latest canonical track (and another one of their best tracks ever) Blood & Honey down below. The track is also used in my intro for my Youtube channel. The independent band encourages fans to use their music during streams and within their own projects. How sick is that? Thank you again Cane Hill!

Blood & Honey – Cane Hill

What do you think of All We Know? Are you excited for Part II of Krewe D’Amour? Let us know in the comments.