Sailing Before The Wind Blow Away Fans With Re-Recording Of ‘Break The Silence’

Sailing Before The Wind are back with their second rerelease of 2021. On March 26th, 2021 the band brought their classic track ‘Cross The Ocean’ back to life with a modern twist. Now the Tokyo based metalcore band is hitting the archives and reviving their track “Break the Silence”. The track originally debuted in 2012 off of their 2012 EP “A Ray of Light”. Did lightening strike twice for the band? Or does the latest track not hit the same nostalgia nerves as last time?

2012’s Break The Silence Re-Recorded

‘Break the Silence’ starts in a similar way to the last re-recorded single ‘Cross the Ocean’. Melodic instrumentals set a scene ready to crash. Shortly after the chugs of the guitar come into play. One of the bands’ biggest strengths is their utilization of two lead guitarists. This is what sets Sailing Before The Wind in line with the metalcore bands of the early 2000s. The relationship between their melodic leads and devastating riffs create a complementary sound that has been missed in recent metalcore. This is fitting for a re-released track, rerecorded for a modern audience. The best part of the song comes at the breakdown. Returning vocalist and founding member Kneeya (currently in OvEnola) yells out “hold on fucking tight!” before an onslaught of fast and bouncy chords hit. Despite the warning, it is difficult to fully anticipate what is coming. The breakdown is fast, fun, and fits the song perfectly. It may be one of the better breakdowns I have heard this year (despite the song being from 2021). This is where rerecorded tracks work so well. Band members take their gained expertise over the years and apply it to powerful and energetic material from the past. Old fans will enjoy this track, and new fans will assume the track merely takes inspiration from an old (but gold) sound of metalcore.

Break The Silence – Sailing Before The Wind

Sailing Before The Wind – The Lineup

Sailing Before The Wind are a metalcore band from Tokyo, Japan, and are long-term members of the ever-growing Japanese metalcore scene. ‘Break the Silence’ is written about the band’s decade long struggle to breakout of the small Japanese metalcore scene. Japan is home to many die-hard metalcore fans, but the audience is small, and it is difficult for local bands to survive financially. Despite this, the band has had a presence over the last 10 years, sharing the stage with bands like Wage War, In Heart’s Wake, Thy Art Is Murder, and ERRA (who are gaining massive amounts of momentum right now!). Their bassist and founding member Bitoku was even touring bassist for Tokyo legends, Crystal Lake for several years. It is easy to admire the independent band’s decade long efforts to breakthrough the barriers set before them.

The band is known locally for their live sets. They recently released a live video on their youtube channel. Check it out for yourself below.

Sailing Before The Wind – Live At Shibuya Cyclone

Closing Thoughts

Sailing Before The Wind have done it again. The band took an old track that deserved an update and they delivered a fitting one. Like ‘Cross The Ocean’ before it, I give the track a solid 8/10. The track is strikingly similar to the band’s last rerecording, but this isn’t an insult. I find it difficult to believe anyone will have a complaint about this track being revived for 2021. Fans of classic metalcore will thoroughly enjoy the rerecording of ‘Break The Silence’. Sailing Before The Wind’s decade long struggle to break out of their local scene will hopefully prove worthwhile in no time. As long as the band keeps pleasing fans and pleasing ears, it seems nearly inevitable. I anticipate the future releases from the band. If the band can create new material that combines their past energy with writing fitting for modern times, it would be the breakthrough the band is waiting for.

Final Verdict: 8.0

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