Memphis May Fire Return To Their Southern Metalcore Roots With ‘Blood & Water’

Memphis May Fire are back! This is a sentence I never expected to write. For the last two albums, the Rise Records band have taken a deep dive into hard rock territory. This change was so stern and drastic that it seemed unlikely for the band to ever go full metalcore again. Fortunately, the band proved myself, and many others wrong. Their new track Blood & Water is a triumphant return to their traditional southern take on Metalcore. The track doesn’t just squeeze in a forced breakdown to satisfy fans. Blood & Water is a full-fledged return to the band’s old style. With crushing verses, a catchy chorus, and a ferocious breakdown, one would never know the band ever strayed from this path.

A Triumphant Return To Southern Metalcore

Blood & Water – Memphis May Fire

While Memphis May Fire may not seem like a very unique metalcore band to untrained ears, they definitely have their own personality. The southern vibes were always present in their old material. This was not a forced sound or direction, but merely the band’s southern roots organically bleeding into the music. The band is from Denton, Texas and like many other Texan bands, it shows. Frontman Matty Mullins was born in Washington but now resides in Tennessee. It is only natural that the southern influences show through even within their metalcore sound. While the southern sound isn’t as prominent in Blood & Water than it was in tracks off their debut album Sleepwalking, it is definitely there. The track starts with sludgy and muddled riffs until exploding into an intro riff containing some southern twang.

Ghost In The Mirror – Memphis May Fire

The chorus also takes influence from a southern sound. The chorus sounds ready for the radio in the best way. Mullins passionately sings “I bet this is really what you wanted” and he is absolutely right. The second half of the chorus is where it really soars, with a non-repetitive melody that deviates from the first half. It sounds classic yet fresh at the same time. Mullins ends the chorus shouting “but blood’s not thicker than water after all” and it hits deep. I will have this one stuck in my head for awhile. Metalcore from the 2010 era was at its best when it had brutal verses and breakdowns but also a melodic chorus. Metal elitist will never agree, but this was the golden standard for 2010 metalcore.

The Return To The Golden Era

It seems like this era is making a comeback recently, as Memphis May Fire are not the only bands that have returned to their roots. While some bands like A Day To Remember deviate even father from metalcore, plenty of bands are returning to the genre. We Came As Romans, The Devil Wears Prada, Eskimo Callboy, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, and many more have returned to a heavier sound after experimenting with different styles.

Memphis May Fire Deliver A Perfect Comeback

Blood & Water is a perfect comeback track. It features aggressive screamed verses, a catchy chorus, and a crushing breakdown. The breakdown begins with a classic buildup until Mullins screams “Nail in the coffin!” and then the riffs accelerate into a fast-speed full-fledged breakdown. In a live setting, circle pits are guaranteed to pop off during this portion of the song. The track ends with another round of the chorus. The chorus is incredibly catchy and pleasant, so this is a welcome way to end the track. Hopefully the rest of the unannounced album keeps this energy going; if so, I will be a guaranteed fan.

Final Verdict: 9/10 Shells

What did you think of ‘Blood & Water’? Are Memphis May Fire back on your radar? Let us know in the comments.