Bad Omens The Death Of Peace Of Mind Review: Track-By-Track Breakdown

Bad Omens have quickly become one of the biggest bands in the alternative scene. This is all thanks to the overwhelming success of their latest record “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND“. The song “Just Pretend” from the album even went viral on TikTok. All of this success is great for the band, but is it deserved? Let’s break down the album track-by-track in this Bad Omens THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND album review.

FFO: Bring Me The Horizon, Dayseeker, The Plot In You, I Prevail, Motionless In White


Bad Omens is:

Noah Sebastian– Lead vocals

Joakim Karlsson – Lead guitar, programming, backing vocals

Nicholas Ruffilo – Bass guitar, rhythm guitar, programming

Nick Folio – Drums, percussion

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THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND” kicks off with an introduction track that encompasses the sound and style of the album beautifully. Bad Omens prove right out that gates that the album is starting off with a bang.

Concrete Jungle is a haunting electronic track with haunting influences. The chorus is catchy and adds some energy to the track, making this one a well-balanced song.

This slow burner ends up delivering masterfully however, as the song slowly build upon itself until a fantastic nu-metal type breakdown smacks down hard over half way through the song.

I actually really love the breakdown of this track, and in general Concrete Jungle is one of my favorite tracks from the album. The verses, chorus, and breakdown all go well together despite how different they sound sonically.

I am a big fan of Concrete Jungle, and I think it works perfectly as the intro song to the album.

Nowhere To Go

Bad Omens switch it up right out the gates with Nowhere To Go. The track sounds more “Limitless” and less “Dethrone”, with a fast-pace and tons of energy. I think this particularly works well after the slow burner intro track.

Nowhere To Go is catchy and sure to become a circle-pit starter in the live setting. I like how well the band blend radio accessibility and punk energy with this track. The song still builds off the sound of the overall record however, as the melodies are strong and the verses are haunting.

The band haven’t gone soft however, as after the second chorus the energy starts to build up into something exciting. A bouncy breakdown hits like a freight train and adds to the energy of the track. It doesn’t come across forced or anything, and I really love how Bad Omens pull this off often on this record.

Overall, Nowhere To Go is a great track, and a great single to represent “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND“.

Take Me First

Take Me First still sound like a Bad Omens song (especially one in vein of Nowhere To Go), but with more of a post-hardcore sound. Think Rain City Drive or Emarosa. The song is instrumentally sound and melodic, and it is also a grower.

I find myself enjoying Take Me First more and more as I enjoy “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND“. Upon repeat listens, I am pretty surprised this track wasn’t a single. This is a testament to the great song writing found across this album.

When a non-promotional track is this catchy, you know you’re in for an album full of hooks and high heights. Overall there isn’t much to say about Take Me First, but the chorus is fantastic and the song is a pleasant listen. No filler here!


I have known of Bad Omens for a long time, but the release of this title track is what really put them on the map for me and turned me into a true fan.

“THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND” features hauntingly beautiful vocals that transcend anything anyone has heard from Bad Omens up until this point. This really was a great sneak-peak into the sound of the album.

The seductive sound of the track is unique to the genre, and has now become a staple for the band. This is especially true for the verses. The chorus is incredibly catchy, and the track truly never gets old. I find it hard to imagine the band ever outdoing the style of THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND.

Just when you think the song is just the stadium-ready-anthem of the album, a crushing breakdown smacks you in the face. I was shocked the first time I heard this. The blend of melody, theatrics, and metal was truly something special.

Don’t worry though, this single isn’t the peak of the album, but merely the perfect appetizer to tease the overall work of “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND“.

What It Cost

Every other band, take notes! This is how you do an interlude.

What It Cost is an interlude track that bleeds into the hit-single “Like A Villain”. However, it really is much more than that.

The track is like the strip club version of the hard-hitting single. With seductive vocals and slow-burning teasing leading up to the main course.

The song features similar lyrics to Like A Villain, but with symphonic elements and electronic beats. I love listening to the songs together, as the single comes in hard and doesn’t miss a beat.

Speaking of which, let’s discuss the main track now.

Like A Villain

Like A Villain has been a huge success for Bad Omens. In less than a year, the track has managed to receive over 25,000,000 streams, rivaling even the title track in less time.

This success is well-deserved however, as Like A Villain is a fantastic track that perfectly encompasses the sound of the overall record and everything Bad Omens is and has become.

The chorus is incredible and the blend of the melodies throughout the track are complemented well by the low-tuned guitars and tight instrumentation. Like A Villain is one of those tracks where everything just works right and works well together.

The build up to the breakdown brings back the sound of the previous interlude track “What It Cost“, and this recent callback pays off extremely well. The breakdown hits right and hits hard, and I find that it only adds to the track.

On a side note, I have even heard Like A Villain playing at stores around town. Bad Omens are combining accessible music with heavy elements in a way I haven’t seen pulled off since Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon. Props to the band for sticking to their roots while achieving new heights.

bad decisions

Bad Omens slow things down for this next track, and it works well here. Following up a banger like “Like A Villain” with a somber electronic track works well, and “bad decisions” is a great song to place here.

The song mainly consists of electronic beats and synths when it comes to the instrumentation, but the vocals are great on this song. Noah pulls off this sound really well, and I appreciate it being on the album. 

Many bands try their attempt songs in this style, but it rarely works as well as Bad Omens pull it off here. These tracks usually end up coming off at filler. I however, really enjoy bad decisions. If the album wasn’t so stacked with highlights, I would consider this track essential. 

So while bad decisions likely won’t be a huge hit, it works well on “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND” and it adds to the atmosphere of the record.

Just Pretend

The song TikTok made viral. “Just Pretend” has surpassed every Bad Omens song, and the track is now the most streamed song in their discography. Currently at over 32,000,000 streams on Spotify alone, Just Pretend is a massive hit. Despite this, the song still doesn’t have an official music video (I bet it’ll happen soon though).

As for the song itself, Just Pretend didn’t receive this high-acclaim for nothing. The track is wildly addicting and catchy. The chorus is huge and the vocal performance is phenomenal. This really is a career defining performance by Noah Sebastian.

Vocals alone aren’t all that the band excel with here. The instrumentation is tight and the drums are a noticeable highlight. The production sounds fantastic and it really brings the whole song together.

There is no breakdown or anything here, just a melodic masterpiece that doesn’t need any forced heavy moments. The performance speaks for itself, and I am sure Just Pretend will only get more traction from here.

Now we just need to wait for the Just Pretend music video, but I can wait for years if I’ve gotta. 

The Grey

The Grey is another track in vein of Like A Villain and Concrete Jungle. A more melodic track with occasional rolling riffage that adds just enough to the energy of the track to keep it exciting.

The chorus still catches me off guard every time, as it is a banger to say the least. I think it is the stars of the track actually. Without it I can’t imagine The Grey working as well as it does, but yet again Bad Omens pull it off.

While The Grey isn’t one of my favorite songs on the record, it definitely fits in with the theme and sound of the record, and it is not filler by any means. Thankfully the instrumentation and chorus are just strong enough to make this track another memorable entry in the Bad Omens discography.

Who are you?

Who are you?” is a soft electronic track like the “What It Costs” and “bad decisions”, but not quite as memorable. I do like how the band breaks up the album with these electronic tracks. They add to the diversity of the record and Bad Omens’ sound.

There is a lot to compliment still here, as the band does pull of this sound. However, I don’t find this track to be as strong as the other similar tracks on “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND“.

I don’t find myself intentionally listening to this song on its own, but in the context of the record, I do enjoy it.

Somebody else.

Another chill electronic track, “Somebody else.” is similar to the previous track “Who are you?”. At this point however, I find this style to be too much, too often.

Perhaps placement somewhere else on this record would have helped “Somebody else.” standout better, but by the end of the previous track, I feel like I was longing for some energy and heaviness.

By no means is “Somebody else,” a bad song however. Truly there are no bad songs on “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND“. The whole record is well-written and Bad Omens sound great at everything they do, but the last two tracks just sound too familiar and bleed in together a bit.


Honestly “IDWT$” (I Don’t Want The Money) catches me off guard every single time. This is still true as of my most recent listen.

I always think that this is yet another chill electronic song like the last two were. Fortunately, this track switches things up a bit.

The track is like a cross being Sempiternal-era Bring Me The Horizon, old school Attack Attack!, I See Stars, and classic Bad Omens.

If you cross 2009 metalcore with trance dance music you get “IDWT$“. That electronic 2009 sound is featured in the track as well as a couple of breakdowns. This song is a mess in the best way and I can’t help but love it. I also love Noah’s screams in the track.

This song has a bit of everything and it all works, big props for the risky experimentation from Bad Omens paying off.

What do you want from me?

Did I mention that the last track was weird? Well “What do you want from me?” keeps this energy going. Another trance-y dance track with breakdowns is here.

What is even more odd is that this was one of the first tracks released for the album. This is extra odd when you consider that this album has several hits on it. I must say though I do admire this strange album rollout.

Back to the song though, this track is exactly what you’d expect to hear at a dark rave or emo nite of some sort. It’s like evil dubstep, and I kind of like the sound of it.

Like the track before it, “What do you want from me?” features a heavy breakdown at the end of the track and it hits hard. Something about the fusion of dance music and mosh music just makes sense.

This isn’t one of the better songs on the album, but with “IDWT$” I find the dance tracks on this album to be a blast.

Artificial Suicide

For the penultimate song of “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND“, Bad Omens bring the heavy. Non-debatably the heaviest song from the album, Artificial Suicide goes incredibly hard.

Not only is Artificial Suicide heavy as hell, but it is a great song in general. I find the track to be one of the best purely heavy tracks I have heard in a long time. The song writing, instrumentation, and vocal delivery is absolutely wild.
Noah also shows great vocal diversity on the track, showcasing both low growls and high deathcore screams. The band is tight as ever here too, as the instrumentation is full of bouncy-rolling grooves.
The song still fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the album thanks to the haunting and digital-sounding verses. Bonus points here for making such a heavy track work on such a vibey album such as “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND“.
Overall, Artificial Suicide is my most-played and possibly favorite track on the record, and it was easily one of my favorite songs of 2021. Even after the full-album released – and over a year of listening since – the track still never gets old.


We have now made it to the closing track of the album. “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND” ends on a balanced note, as closer “Miracle” switches between sounding like a religious prayer track to a metalcore banger.

Miracle is more of a fist-pumping anthem than anything else found on the album, and the attitude and song of the track make it a fitting conclusion to the record. This reminds me that Bad Omens put together a tight tracklisting with “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND

For the closing track the band bring the chanty anthem, the breakdowns, and the electronic elements to the foreground. I think the track does a great job at bringing the record to a fitting end.

Despite these praises though, I do find Miracle to be my least favorite track from the record. It isn’t bad by any means, but with an album as tight as “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND” I find the ending to leave a bit to be desired.


Bad Omens

“THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND” was difficult for me to swallow at first, but in hindsight, the album is my favorite of the entire year. Despite coming out in February, the album was fresh all year and only grew on me more as time passed.

Perhaps the overwhelming relevancy of the band and increasing popularity and mainstream influence had an effect on this perception, but Bad Omens just seemed larger than life as the year went on.

Due to the longevity of the record and its everlasting impact, I find “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND” to be my favorite record of the year.

The pros of the record are the outstanding direction and atmosphere of the record, huge singles, and experimental album tracks. The only real con for the record is that some tracks bleed together and come off slightly as filler.

Final Verdict: 9/10

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! What did you think of this Bad Omens THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND album review? Please share your thoughts down in the comments, and thank you for your time.