Sleep Token Aqua Regia Is A Progressive Take On Smooth Jazz

Sleep Token refuse to stop releasing new music this month. Fortunately, fans have no problem feasting on all of these new tracks! The band’s fourth track this month, “Aqua Regia“, is a jazzy piano track that showcases yet another unique sound.

Aqua Regia is here only one day after the release of the band’s dark and sexy track “Granite“, however I am always ready for more Sleep Token.

Let’s jump on in and discuss Aqua Regia.

Sleep Token – Aqua Regia

Sleep Token are known for their many sounds and styles, and Aqua Regia is a wonderful new addition to the band’s sound. Following the piano-focused style of tracks like “Atlantic”, Aqua Regia takes this idea but spins it in a sexier, jazzy way. 

Aqua Regia is seriously addicting. The track is an easy listen, and although it is more straightforward than the average Sleep Token song, this only adds to the charm. The jazzy instrumentation is fantastic, and it is hard to even imagine a metal band pulling this off so organically. Many bands like Periphery have dabbled in this sound, but it is done in a uniquely organic way here.

With Aqua Regia, it doesn’t sound like a progressive metal band writing a jazzy piano track, it is simply what it is. However, this doesn’t mean the song doesn’t have some typical Sleep Token is flair. During the third chorus, the piano kicks in groovier than ever, and it hits so good.

If you are a fan of the slower Sleep Token tracks, Aqua Regia may just be one of your favorite songs to date.

Sleep Token – Take Me Back To Eden

After the release of the previous singles “Chokehold“ and “The Summoning” I reported that a full-album may be following. With the release of yet another track from the alleged tracklist with Granite and Aqua Regia, I believe it is safe to say this is indeed the case. 

Take the album details with a grain of salt however, as there is no official announcement as of writing. However, Genius has posted a tracklist that was correct about the existence of all four tracks so far.

The album listing on Genius also includes a tracklist that can be found below. If this is legitimate – and in the right order, it seems that the band is releasing songs in tracklist order. This is exciting, as it seems that Sleep Token have no intention of releasing chosen singles this time around.

Sleep Token – Take Me Back To Eden Tracklist:

  1. Chokehold
  2. The Summoning
  3. Granite
  4. Aqua Regia
  5. Vore
  6. Ascensionism
  7. AYROK
  8. The Apparition
  10. Rain
  11. Take Me Back To Eden
  12. Euclid

Once again, take this tracklist with a grain of salt. There is no confirmation that this is the final tracklist, and things can change at any time until an official announcement has been made.

I will update the Take Me To Eden tracklist and album information as more information is available.

Regardless, I am excited to see what comes next for Sleep Token, and I am incredibly happy with all of the new material. It is possible that the next track released is “Vore” if the above tracklist is correct, and if Sleep Token continue to release music in album order.

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Closing Thoughts

There you have it! Sleep Token have kicked off 2023 in a huge way by releasing four singles just in the first month of the year. This hard work has paid off well, as the band have grown massively in streaming numbers in a very short amount of time.

Fortunately this growth will only continue with the release of Sleep Token’s new songs Granite and Aqua Regia. With each release we are getting closer and closer to official confirmation of their upcoming album Take Me Back To Eden. Worship.