Nightlife Is Your New Favorite Band

The alternative scene has been booming with creativity lately, and new bands like nightlife are here to prove a new generation is here. The Baltimore-based trio are bringing the funk and soul with their debut EP “New Low“. Those active in the alternative scene may know singer Hansel Romero from their impressive cover of Drink About It by Issues. With their own material now in circulation, it is evident nightlife is here to smash expectations. The band is currently independent, which only makes this debut release that much more impressive. Romero explained on Twitter that they mixed everything from “demo-to-master”. This is impressive as the production on the EP is huge. You should definitely keep both eyes on this soul punk band.

FFO: Issues, I See Stars, VRSTY, Doubting Thieves, Slaves (name change imminent)

Who Are Nightlife?


Nightlife are a soul punk band from Baltimore. The band is the perfect definition of what a band should be in 2021. By fusing current top pop and rnb with modern rock and post-hardcore, the band is perfecting something many bands before them have only attempted. Since 2019, many bands went towards a sound fans call “vibe metal”. Some succeeded, while others fell flat on their face. Nightlife take this concept and make it sound more incredible than ever, while also sounding 100% organic and real. The natural sound and feel from the music is refreshing and powerful. There is no doubting that the band will find success in the modern alternative scene and perhaps even beyond these boundaries.

The Debut Single ‘New Low’

new low – nightlife

The New Low EP is named after nightlife’s debut single. The track is honestly one of the best debuts I have ever heard. I can’t remember the last time a band came right out the gates full force like this. The whole song sounds huge. Like if the Weeknd was backed by a funk influenced post-hardcore band. Singer Hansel Romero delivers a professional vocal performance unmatched by any independent band of this caliber. However, a band is only as good as their instrumentals, and fortunately Romero is backed by one hell of a band.

nightlife Julian Lofton

Julian Lofton supplies the guitar and bass work on the track, and it sure slaps. The funky riffs are destined to cause headbanging despite the calm and catchy nature of the track. I doubt many metal elitists will consider this track heavy, however I find it impossible not to headbang along to the crunchy riffs. Drummer Isaiah Walker compliments the groove with their rhythm and percussion. Nightlife really are the whole package deal, and we are here for it.

B-Side Tracks ‘All I Know’ and ‘Lonely’

Surprisingly enough, the nightlife attached two more tracks to their debut single. The nightlife EP also includes the B-Sides all i know and lonely. Don’t let the b-side label mislead you. Both songs are fantastic. All i know is an original track with a huge chorus. It reminds me a bit of the end bridge of the previously mentioned Issues’ track, Drink About It. This is not redundant though, as it sounds original and fresh in its own right. I can’t get enough of this chorus. This track could have been the huge debut single on its own.

nightlife Hansel Romero

Lonely is a cover of the Rob Thomas song, Lonely No More. I wouldn’t even have known if I didn’t already know the original song or see the credits of the nightlife track. The performance and sound fit the style and quality of the EP. Consider it a huge compliment to have your two original tracks blend in so well with a huge track such as Lonely No More.

What do you think of nightlife? Are you onboard the soul punk hype train? Let us know in the comments and be sure to send your love to this new independent band. All social media accounts as well as their bandcamp can be found below.

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