5 Ways To Enjoy The New A Day To Remember Album (And 5 Ways To Ensure You’ll Hate It)

The latest A Day to Remember record has fans and critics alike stumped. The record, published by Fueled By Ramen, is a huge step outside of the band’s typical comfort zone. It is easy to hear what the band was going for with ‘You’re Welcome’. However, to many it didn’t quite stick the landing. At the very least, the record is one that takes some open mindedness and some time to digest. For this reason we delayed the release of our own review of the album. I decided to take a step back and take our time to review the album. It is important to review it what it is, not as what we wanted it to be.

It’s complicated, but the record can still be enjoyed in many ways. There are many ways to enjoy the record, but some fans may not be willing to let the record into their hearts. A Day to Remember is a rare band, one that nearly all listeners have a bias towards (good or bad). Here are five ways to enjoy ‘You’re Welcome, and five ways to ensure you’ll never be able to appreciate it.

5. Enjoying – Give It Several Listens

This tip is difficult to commit to. Forcing yourself to like a record isn’t ideal, and could even be a testament to the quality of said record. This isn’t exactly what I mean when I saw to give ‘You’re Welcome’ several listens. This isn’t necessarily to force it upon oneself, but to allow it to ferment in a less biased way. The more I listened to the record, the more I started appreciating it and enjoying it for what it does right. I wasn’t thinking of the record as the hottest new album by a hybrid metalcore/pop punk band. I simply take the record in and listen to some songs. The album became exactly what it is, an album. This allowed me to compare it less to previous material by the band.

5. Hating – Comparing To Old Material

This one is a given, as I mentioned it in the last paragraph. If you listen to this record with expectations on what you wish it sounded like, you will be disappointed. This is nearly guaranteed, as I don’t believe anyone would think of this sound when they think of A Day to Remember. While this sounds like a bad thing, it really isn’t. An artist doesn’t paint the same picture over and over again. While an artist might have a recognizable style to their work, nothing every comes out exactly the same. The band that everyone knows is still here. It is just a bit more subtle this time around.

4. Enjoying – Listening Casually

This may sounds unappealing to some fans, as A Day to Remember is a band that is typically “in your face”, but this album performs better in the background. The album is very pleasant and catchy. I find myself wanting to listen to the album while I work and also when I travel (more on this later). When I listened to my first playthrough I was sitting at my desk with headphones. I expected to head bang a bit, and I expected to be engaged immediately. This album is engaging, as both the melodies and chants are fun to join in on. However, this was not possible upon first listen. I did not know the lyrics, the melodies, or anything about the tracks. This made the album difficult to listen to actively. This album works best when listened to calmly.

4. Hating – You Only Listen To Heavier A Day To Remember Tracks

A Day to Remember has always brought the energy. Even softer tracks like ‘Life @ 11’ and ‘Another Song About The Weekend’ had some speed and angst to it. However, fans that exclusively enjoy the band’s heavier material may have avoided tracks like those. ‘You’re Welcome’ doesn’t have much to offer fans that only have ‘Heartless’, ‘2nd Sucks’, and ‘Shot In The Dark’ in their playlist. While Last Chance To Dance (Bad Friend), Permanent, and Resentment offer some fun breakdowns, it unlikely to satisfy fans that exclusively enjoy their heavy material. It is safe to assume the full album would leave a bad taste in the mouths of such fans. They may just avoid anything from ‘You’re Welcome’ entirely out of hatred.

Last Chance To Dance (Bad Friend) – A Day to Remember

3. Enjoying – You Enjoy Pop Rock

Whether you genuinely enjoy pop rock or just tolerate it in social settings, you may be more accepting of ‘You’re Welcome’. As far as pop rock goes, this album is great. There is plenty of catchy fun throughout the record, and the rock influences are sprinkled throughout. Songs like ‘Last Chance To Band (Bad Friend)’ are like a cherry on top. Tracks like ‘Bloodsucker’ and ‘F.Y.M’ are fun and catchy, and hard to deny after you open your mind to them. It shows the band still knows where they came from, and offers a track no other pop rock album will ever give. The diversity is easy to appreciate if you let yourself. The album isn’t just 14 Imagine Dragon tracks. The band experiments a lot on this record. If you can appreciate the pop influences and enjoy the rock influences, this could be your favorite album of the year.

Bloodsucker – A Day to Remember

3. Hating – A Day To Remember Was Your Gateway Band

If A Day to Remember was the band that got you into heavier music, there is a huge chance even their old style has outgrown you. Many fans enjoy the band’s older material due to nostalgia and sentimental value. If a song like ‘If It Means A Lot To You’ would make you cringe if you heard it on ‘You’re Welcome’, there is a huge chance you changed more than the band did.

Some fans already label A Day to Remember as “a guilty pleasure band”. If you had this attitude for the band, it likely only got worse for you. The band has become more tame with each passing release, and even if ‘You’re Welcome’ was a bit heavier, it is possible it would have disappointed these fans regardless. Some fans just simply moved on to heavier music and that is perfectly fine. Perhaps they are just not the band for you anymore.

2. Enjoying – ‘You’re Welcome’ Is The Summer Drive Album Of 2021

If you enjoy a nice summer album, or a pleasant soundtrack to your commute, than ‘You’re Welcome’ is the album for you. As previously mentioned, this album hits differently on a relaxing drive. To some, this may seem disheartening, as previous records were the soundtrack to your life. Not every album by a band can fit your specific needs. If the purpose of ‘You’re Welcome’ was to be a “happy album” than the band succeeded. The band members are in a different point in life than they used to be. This album is a perfect soundtrack to a fun summer home with family. If Covid-19 restrictions become more lax and safety is less of a concern, this album will be the perfect soundtrack to a normal summer. Listen to High Diving while on a pleasant drive, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it much more.

A Day to Remember – High Diving

2. Hating – You Really Hate Pop Rock

If pop rock always leaves a sour taste in your mouth, this album will be no different. Just because you previously loved A Day to Remember, that doesn’t mean you’ll like their take on a genre you despise. It is hard to imagine any pop rock hater will switch up their opinion due to ‘You’re Welcome’. The album doesn’t do anything (outside of the two heavier tracks) to try to sway haters of the genre. This isn’t an album of pop rock choruses, it is an album full of pop rock songs. This is not intended to be an insult, as the genre is loved by the general public. The album is exactly that, pop rock album. If you hate pop rock with a fiery passion, stay away from this album.

1. Enjoying – You Can Relate To The Band Today

A Day to Remember are different guys than they were in 2003. Most of the band members are married, some have kids, and all of them are in their 30’s. The band has never been shy about their influences and music tastes either, with most of them enjoying many pop or mellow rock acts. If the guys in the band are still someone you’d like to have a beer with, it is likely you will still enjoy this album.

Despite ‘You’re Welcome’ seeming like an industry plant at first, the album may be as genuine as it gets. Singer Jeremy McKinnon has done several interviews this week, and his positivity towards the album and enjoyment seems genuine. This is just the band A Day to Remember is now. If you still find yourself having a lot in common with the band members, it is possible this album is the soundtrack you need right now. McKinnon also stated that if this album works, the band could be around for a very long time. ‘You’re Welcome’ contains music that is very sustainable. A low stress, high reward recording style is perfect for this band of fathers. If you hope to see the band around for a long time, this is the band you are going to get. I could enjoy having the band around for a long time.

1. Hating – You’ve Never Like A Day To Remember

This one is complicated. One would think that this wouldn’t matter. Did the band want new fans with this record? If you didn’t like A Day to Remember before, wouldn’t you now? With popularity comes haters. It is hard to imagine that ‘You’re Welcome’ could ever be the album to finally sway such critics. If the mature and diverse album of ‘Common Courtesy’ didn’t peak your interest, the latest album won’t either. The album is simplistic, and while the band may obtain new fans that have never even heard of them before, it will not satisfy anyone who previously disliked the band. This album really double downs on anything a critic could have said about the band previously. Many metal elitist were never open to the bands pop punk influences and roots, and they definitely won’t enjoy their current pop rock take.

What do you think about ‘You’re Welcome’? Has it grown on you? If you’ve enjoyed the record, let us know how. If you hate it, let us know why. Keep an eye out for our upcoming full track-by-track review of ‘You’re Welcome’.