Random: Python Patch Notes Reference Sleep Token Songs

Sleep Token have become a huge band throughout 2023, gaining over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, but even this one surprised me. I knew Sleep Token were big, but I didn’t know that they were “mentioned in Python patch notes” big.

That’s right, the latest Python patch notes for version 3.12 mention Sleep Token songs within their examples. 

An eagle-eyed fan noticed the Sleep Token reference in the Python patch notes and originally shared the finding in the Sleep Token Fan Group on Facebook.

Sleep Token Python Reference

The examples for changes regarding f-string expressions in the 3.12 update for Python use Sleep Token song titles. The examples go over using multi-line expressions and comments within code to create a playlist with Python.

Here is a clear screenshot of the Sleep Token references below:

Python Sleep Token Reference

The examples mention “Take Me Back To Eden“, “Alkaline“, and “Ascensionism“, all of which are fan-favorite Sleep Token tracks.

Additionally, in the second example, there are lyrical references, confirming that these are indeed references specifically to the Sleep Token songs in question.

As a fan of Sleep Token and a user of Python, this was a shocking, but pleasant, surprise to say the least.

What do you think about this random Sleep Token reference in the latest Python 3.12 patch notes? Did you notice them before? Let me know down in the comments.